1. Put on some lavender lotion before you go to bed at night.

It doesn't have to be that expensive stuff from Bath and Body Works; you can pick up some lavender scented hand cream or body lotion at your local drug store. The relaxing scent will help you fall asleep.

2. Swap out one soft drink a day for water.

Be it an energy drink, tea or good old fashioned soda, start off slow and drink a little more water. The more you do it, you'll notice how more refreshed you feel.

3. Smile while you're applying your blush.

It helps it no look so patchy and you can start your day off with a smile.

4. Take a nap.

We took it for granted before. Embrace your inner kindergartner and refresh yourself.

5. Listen to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

I challenge everyone to frown while they sing that song. I don’t care who you are; everybody loves that song. Its upbeat, it’s happy, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face, even if your name isn’t Caroline.

6. See your Big.

She lifts you up when you’re feeling down; she can put a smile on your face like nobody else can. Whether you laugh until you cry while watching Netflix in her bed, or you bond over food, you know you can always go to her to add a little sunshine to your day.

7. Take a bubble bath

Get some bath salts, candles, a bath bomb, and a nice fluffy robe to step out in, and you’re set.

8. Watch your favorite Disney animated feature.

Even though most of the parents are dead, or something tragic happens, there’s usually more good happening than bad. You’re allowed to regain your childhood, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

9. Hold the open for someone else.

On your way to class, or coming back from the library, try to be a good Samaritan and just open the door for a stranger. Most of the time you feel like a respectable human when you help another individual, and it’s even better when they actually thank you.

10. Lay out your stuff to make coffee the night before.

Get your mug ready to go, with your K-Cup inside your Keurig or your coffee beans out so that the next morning all you have to do is turn on the coffee pot. You won’t be rushing or worry about being late to work or class, and you won’t miss your caffeine for the day.

11. Get that exercise in!

Even if you just take a short walk in the evening with your puppy (or cat on a leash for some people), exercise releases endorphins – endorphins make you happy, and as Elle Woods said: “Happy people don’t kill their husbands.”

12. Do your homework outside.

A nice warm breeze is a perfect accompaniment to your Accounting 101 assignments or just reading your favorite book. Fresh air will work wonders and you’ll be less distracted by all the technology temptations inside.