12 Individuals You See At A Sorority Brunch, AKA The 'WTF Happened Last Night Recap'

12 Individuals You See At A Sorority Brunch, AKA The 'WTF Happened Last Night Recap'

Who can deny the magic of sorority brunch?

Isabelle Roshko

Sorority brunch is a trademark of the All-American college experience. All the girls roll out of bed on a Friday morning after a night out, throw on their fluffy slippers and wander downstairs to do what sorority girls do best: brunch and gossip. It truly is an event like no other. If you have yet to experience it, I highly recommend you find yourself a sorority girl and demand an invite.

Without further ado, here are 12 people you will see at a sorority brunch:

1. Girls in last night’s makeup… and outfit

I’m startin’ it off with a classic. Is it really a sorority brunch if there aren’t at least three girls who clearly just ubered back from a frat house? The simple answer is no. We’ve all been culprits, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. To be quite honest, it’s an accomplishment to have made it back from a night out just to eat some srat pancakes.

2. The girl who just came from the first two hours of her internship

While the rest of us just rolled out of bed at around 11 am only because we could smell the aroma of fresh bacon, this girl woke up to be a professional. Slightly more impressive than she who made the voyage from the frat house. Only slightly.

3. Frat boys, frat boys, and more frat boys

Endless free food? Cute girls? Enough said.

4. The house mom (and house dog), grabbing a plate of food and flirting with all the frat boys

Reliving her sorority days, mingling with all her adopted daughters, and getting to chat with some cute 20-somethings is a house mom’s dream. Friday brunch is the perfect time for the house mom to put her best foot forward and reassert herself as #1 Coolest House Mom On The Row.

5. The girl scarfing down food, only to sprint to the bathroom to throw up immediately

A rough night to say the least. Rinse and repeat, honey, rinse and repeat.

6. That one girl who manages to still wake up at 5 a.m., make herself a collagen and kale smoothie, and do a sunrise yoga class; basically a goddess

We all know her. We all hate her, but we all still love her. Who is this magical, perfect human who has her life so perfectly in order? I still believe it’s all a myth.

7. Couples

Cute couples, old couples, canoodling couples, couples you’ve never seen before, it’s all the same if you aren’t one of the couples, I guess.

8. The girl with her biology books grabbing a scone before running to class

Another classic. What could be worse than class on a Friday? Class on a Friday during brunch.

9. The group of lone seniors, getting premade breakfast while they still can

On the verge of true adulthood and the ominous real world, these girls are basking in their last months of college life and minimal responsibility. What better way to do so than to indulge in a homemade biscuit and some strawberry jam?

10. Like, every single freshman, and all their new friends

When you get your first taste of sorority life, you want to be all in. That means attending every event, being present at every meeting, buying every shirt, and, of course, every brunch. Better yet–you can show your friends how so-totally-awesome sorority life is by dragging them from the dorms to have brunch and your house.

11. The risk chair silently judging all the girls she sent home from events that week

Not really...well, maybe a little. Regardless, it is pretty funny seeing the girls that were absolute trainwrecks a night or two ago looking happy and refreshed while sipping their banana and chia seed smoothies. Quite a 180.

12. Geeds

Similar to the frat boy, who can turn down free food? If you aren’t in Greek life, sorority brunch is a great opportunity for a tasty meal away from your dorm or apartment and meet some Greeks.

Who can deny the magic of sorority brunch? Great food, good conversation, and an overall awesome way to welcome the weekend.

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