As sophomores, we're in this weird limbo between childhood and the real world that's equally freeing and bizarre. Enter Karen Walker, a character who has lived her entire life exactly where all college sophomores daily find themselves. It's as though, just like Karen, we're living in this little bubble where were the real world is just a place we UberEats dinner from.

1. When you agree to go to the DUC with your friends, but you don't really want to be there

Rolling up to DUC brunch looking exactly like the newest photos of Blake Lively: frumpy and unrecognizable.

2. That look you give yourself in the mirror right before you head out for the night...

...HEY! Yeah, I love myself and I don't need anybody else!

3. The face you make when you get a test back that you were convinced you failed

It's the same face you put on when you fail a test you thought you nailed. They're unfortunately interchangeable.

4. When Registration Szn rolls around and you get the sudden urge to take out the competition for a better place on the waitlist

They don't call it the OPUS games for nothing. For two months every year, Emory students channel all the pent-up competitive spirit we would use for football games towards getting the perfect schedule... and then giving up all hope until Add/Drop/Swap opens.

5. When all you want to do is stay in bed for the next two and a half years

I would say that this is what happens every Sunday, but if I'm being honest I reevaluate registering for 10:00 AM German every day.

6. When you need a conclusion but already hit page count

Thus, I mean to state that I can conclude from the evidence listed above...

7. Giving your friend relationship advice on how to talk to a guy she just met

Especially if they met at MJQ. That's when you know you've got your work cut out for you.

8. What you tell your reflection the Monday morning after a three day weekend

While you don't necessarily deserve the miracle effects of a Treat Yo Self day, you really have to hand it to yourself. The Sunday to Monday morning transformation is always the sweetest success.

9. When you first get placed into a weird group for a project/discussion/assignment...

10. ... and when you finish with just enough confidence that you didn't fully fail what was assigned

We've all been there before, and we've all smiled awkwardly at each other when we pass ever since.