Sophomore Year Thoughts

Coming back to college for my sophomore year of college has really been a breath of fresh air for me. Leaving my friends and family has become such a normal part of my life that those emotional and heart felt goodbyes have finally stopped. Don't get me wrong, I miss all of my friends and family dearly, but I also get to come back to see my friends and teammates from many different areas. Sophomore year seems to be different for many reasons because while I feel like an upperclassmen and seasoned veteran, I've only experienced the stresses of being a student athlete and finals once so far. The upside of being a sophomore in New Paltz is still having many more places and restaurants to visit before my time is up here. I also have a great friend group along with teammates, who have became my family, all of which I met during my freshman year of college in New Paltz. I now realize how fast a year of college can go, so I am just going to sit back and enjoy the college journey.

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