8 Ways Your Sophomore Year Will Change The Game From Freshman Year
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8 Ways Your Sophomore Year Will Change The Game From Freshman Year

Your party phase is over, and your grandma phase has just begun.

8 Ways Your Sophomore Year Will Change The Game From Freshman Year
Anna Solomonik

While studying for my first test of sophomore year, I came to the crude realization; sophomore year is hard. Much harder than freshman year. Not only is sophomore year different from freshman year in difficulty, but it's also a completely new experience. No longer are you in a new environment, adjusting to life at college. The adjusting period is over, and the coping has just begun.

These are a few ways sophomore year is contrastively different from the freshman experience.

Your classes are harder.

This one's a given. As your college experience progresses, so does the difficulty of your classes. You've finished the gen ed courses and are now starting to get into the major specific (aka weed out) classes.

You have a routine.

The table in the corner of the third floor in the library is your designated study spot, and you're personally offended when you get there to find someone in your spot.

You'd rather stay in and watch a movie than go out.

You got (most) of your party phase over with freshman year, and now, Redbox and pizza with your roommates sounds more appealing than mingling with drunk strangers.

You realize that one bad grade isn't the end of the world.

You've experienced first hand what miracles can come out of learning from your mistakes. Freshman year, you thought making a C or a D on a test was the actual end of the world, and now you realize that you can still recover from it. Explaining to your parents how your final grade isn't wrecked by one failed test is still impossible, though.

You see familiar faces in your classes.

By sophomore year, you'll have a faint recognition of the people in your major specific classes. You'll know people from past labs, GroupMes, and study groups.

You have basically no free time.

This one's a hard pill to swallow. You have to plan out everything around your studies, from meals, to social outings. You procrastinate studying by doing homework for your other classes. Every week feels like finals week. (This one may be pre-med specific)

You forget there's a world outside of college culture.

You don't realize that it's not normal to go to a party on a Tuesday night or go anywhere out in public basically in your PJs. You've adopted words like lib, and c-store into your vocabulary, and you never call a frat or sorority by their full name.

You wish you were a freshman again.

You never thought you would, but you wish you could go back and relive your freshman year, through all the friendships you made and "firsts" you had.

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