9 Of My Favorite Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

9 Of My Favorite Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

Some of my favorite songs of all genres that are worth sharing!


If you're going through one of those periods where you can't find any music to listen to, or you simply enjoy discovering new music, here are few suggestions from a few of my very own playlists to check out!

1. Time Moves Slow- BADBADNOTGOOD

If you're into jazzy tunes, Badbadnotgood puts a spin on it creating a jazz/hip-hop vibe with their music.

2. The Shores- The Sea Of Cortez

I'd like to thank "Teen Wolf" for this one(and every other great song in the series). It has a very relaxing and mesmerizing sound, but also some alternative vocals that balance it out!

3. Sea Of Love- Cat Power

A short little masterpiece for those lonely nights(you might know this one from the movie, "Juno").

4. Tokoyo Narita- Halsey

If you're a crazy Halsey fan like me, you probably know this one, but if you don't, it's a beautiful freestyle she released as a single a while back. The production behind it is super smooth and synth-like.

Undone(The Sweater Song)-Weezer

Honestly, I hope this one is already somewhere in your playlist.

All My Friends with Tinashe and Chance the Rapper- Snakehips

A good 2015 throwback to get back into. This is a what you might call having a "basic" pop sound, but it's a good one! Lot's of great artist are featured too.

Moonlight On The River- Mac Demarco

A good playlist isn't complete without at least one Mac Demarco song. Lay back and listen to this relaxing tune.

Pendulum- FKA twigs

Every song off this album is mesmerizing, amazing, and definitely worth a listen.

9. Sea, Swallow Me- Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd

I first heard this song in the movie, "White Bird in a Blizzard" and have loved it ever since!

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The Human Mind Is Etrxraoidrnay

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Can you read this article with perfect fluidity, or maybe not perfect, but with little to no trouble at all? Well, that's your uoncsncuios mind at work. A Cambridge study found that this is baecsue the brain does not read every letter individually but isntaed reads the word as a whole, and we are able to read the sentence whtiuot much trouble as long as the first and last letters are in the correct place.

This phenomenon has a more than a fttinig name in Typoglycemia, in which readers are able to decipher a text even with mssipeslilngs and misplaced ltteres.

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Though this does not wrok with just any jumbling of ltteres as tehre are smoe important key factors that enable readers to comprehend the txet.

The frist is making the passage predictable. Being albe to predict the nxet word based on cnoetxt of the sentence aids us in reading jmbueld up words because we have already seen tehm.

Sentence structure wrods such as "The" and "Be" need to be slleped correctly as these words play crucial rloes in maintaining the stenncee srtutucre which hpels the brain to make cocrret predictions of what wrods will cmoe next.

Jumbling up the wrod in a crteian way is aslo very ipomtanrt as you want try try to keep the sound srtutucre of the wrod intact which wlil enable you to pronounce the wrod in your haed or out loud mroe precisely. You can aslo ircnasee and drceasee the difficulty of certain wrods by ircnaseing the distance in wihch you switch the ltteres around from their original psioiotn.

As you have probably breezed through the mispellings throughout the article try this one as it is much harder than the rest. The answer is at the bottom


Tihs dseon't maen we can jsut mssipesll everything as it deos hvae an acefft on our radenig seepd tohguh as dmeotnsarted aovbe tehre is a crteian art to mssipeslilng things ceorrtcly.


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