46 Songs That We Were All Obsessed With In The 2000's

46 Songs That We Were All Obsessed With In The 2000's

Let's be real, 10 years later and you are probably still obsessed with them.


There are few things in this world that I love more than music, and music that you grew up with is the best kind. I mean, who doesn’t love when an old song comes on, and everyone in the car knows all of the words? The music I listen to now is a far cry from what I used to listen to, but if one of those old songs comes up on shuffle, you know I’m not pressing skip. I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately so I decided to ask my friends what some of their favorite songs of the 2000’s were. Without further ado, here is what I’m listening to when I think about the good ol’ days (if 8 to 17 years ago were the good ol’ days).

Songs you sing in the car at the top of your lungs (honestly, all of these songs belong in this category):

American Idiot (2004) -- Green Day

Second Chance (2008) -- Shine Down

Pursuit of Happiness (2009) -- Kid Cudi

Those Nights (2006) -- Skillet

A Thousand Miles (2001) -- Vanessa Carlton

Sorry, Blame it on Me (2006) -- Akon

Obsessed (2009) -- Mariah Carey

Crack a Bottle (2009) -- Eminem featuring 50 Cent and Dr. Dre

Unwritten (2004) -- Natasha Bedingfield

Songs that probably helped you through a breakup:

Gives You Hell (2008) -- All American Rejects

Mr. Brightside (2004) -- The Killers

The Scientist (2002) -- Coldplay

Heartless (2008) -- Kanye

Teardrops on my Guitar (2006) -- Taylor Swift

Watching Airplanes (2007) -- Gary Allan

Gunpowder and Lead (2007) -- Miranda Lambert

Breakeven (2009) -- One Republic

Just Like a Pill (2001) -- Pink

Songs that you sang when you were in loooove:

I’m Yours (2008) -- Jason Mraz

Beautiful Soul (2004) -- Jesse McCartney

Love Story (2008) -- Taylor Swift

Forever and For Always (2003) -- Shania Twain

Drops of Jupiter (2001) -- Train

A Moment Like This (2002) -- Kelly Clarkson

Crazy in Love (2003) -- Beyoncé

Hey There Delilah (2005) -- Plain White T’s

Accidentally in Love (2004) -- Counting Crows

Fall for You (2008) -- Second Hand Serenade

Songs that were always played at school dances:

Disturbia (2007) -- Rihanna

Party in the USA (2009) -- Miley Cyrus

Sexy Back (2006) -- Justin Timberlake

Low (2008) -- Flo Rida

Yeah! (2004) -- Usher

Get Low (2002) -- Lil John

Songs you listened to when you were crying alone in your room:

Unwell (2002) -- Matchbox Twenty

Helena (2006) -- My Chemical Romance

Perfect (2002) -- Simple Plan

Miserable at Best (2006) -- Mayday Parade

Move Along (2005) -- All American Rejects

Never Too Late (2006) -- Three Days Grace

Songs that you still love singing with your friends:

Whatever You Like (2008) -- T.I.

Girlfriend (2007) -- Avril Lavigne

First Date (2001) -- Blink-182

Jenny From the Block (2002) -- Jennifer Lopez

Oops!…I Did It Again (2000) -- Britney Spears

Pocket Full of Sunshine (2008) -- Natasha Bedingfield

Now go make a playlist, and think about your past :)

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