There are few things in this world that I love more than music, and music that you grew up with is the best kind. I mean, who doesn’t love when an old song comes on, and everyone in the car knows all of the words? The music I listen to now is a far cry from what I used to listen to, but if one of those old songs comes up on shuffle, you know I’m not pressing skip. I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately so I decided to ask my friends what some of their favorite songs of the 2000’s were. Without further ado, here is what I’m listening to when I think about the good ol’ days (if 8 to 17 years ago were the good ol’ days).

Songs you sing in the car at the top of your lungs (honestly, all of these songs belong in this category):

American Idiot (2004) -- Green Day

Second Chance (2008) -- Shine Down

Pursuit of Happiness (2009) -- Kid Cudi

Those Nights (2006) -- Skillet

A Thousand Miles (2001) -- Vanessa Carlton

Sorry, Blame it on Me (2006) -- Akon

Obsessed (2009) -- Mariah Carey

Crack a Bottle (2009) -- Eminem featuring 50 Cent and Dr. Dre

Unwritten (2004) -- Natasha Bedingfield

Songs that probably helped you through a breakup:

Gives You Hell (2008) -- All American Rejects

Mr. Brightside (2004) -- The Killers

The Scientist (2002) -- Coldplay

Heartless (2008) -- Kanye

Teardrops on my Guitar (2006) -- Taylor Swift

Watching Airplanes (2007) -- Gary Allan

Gunpowder and Lead (2007) -- Miranda Lambert

Breakeven (2009) -- One Republic

Just Like a Pill (2001) -- Pink

Songs that you sang when you were in loooove:

I’m Yours (2008) -- Jason Mraz

Beautiful Soul (2004) -- Jesse McCartney

Love Story (2008) -- Taylor Swift

Forever and For Always (2003) -- Shania Twain

Drops of Jupiter (2001) -- Train

A Moment Like This (2002) -- Kelly Clarkson

Crazy in Love (2003) -- Beyoncé

Hey There Delilah (2005) -- Plain White T’s

Accidentally in Love (2004) -- Counting Crows

Fall for You (2008) -- Second Hand Serenade

Songs that were always played at school dances:

Disturbia (2007) -- Rihanna

Party in the USA (2009) -- Miley Cyrus

Sexy Back (2006) -- Justin Timberlake

Low (2008) -- Flo Rida

Yeah! (2004) -- Usher

Get Low (2002) -- Lil John

Songs you listened to when you were crying alone in your room:

Unwell (2002) -- Matchbox Twenty

Helena (2006) -- My Chemical Romance

Perfect (2002) -- Simple Plan

Miserable at Best (2006) -- Mayday Parade

Move Along (2005) -- All American Rejects

Never Too Late (2006) -- Three Days Grace

Songs that you still love singing with your friends:

Whatever You Like (2008) -- T.I.

Girlfriend (2007) -- Avril Lavigne

First Date (2001) -- Blink-182

Jenny From the Block (2002) -- Jennifer Lopez

Oops!…I Did It Again (2000) -- Britney Spears

Pocket Full of Sunshine (2008) -- Natasha Bedingfield

Now go make a playlist, and think about your past :)