50 Songs That Almost Every College Students Can Relate With
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50 Songs That Almost Every College Students Can Relate With

No matter what college you go to, where you came from, or how old you are, there's a song that brings you back to the good (or bad) times.

50 Songs That Almost Every College Students Can Relate With

Music is a big part of every day life. Personally, I'd be lost without it. That being said, I feel as if there is a song for every situation in life. There's always those songs that bring you back to the night you wish never ended or reminds you of the one that got away. Here's a list of the 50 songs that I find the most relatable for everyone in one shape or another. 

Say My Name- Destiny's Child

When your s.o. is acting kind of shady and not calling you baby.

Written in the Sand- Old Dominion

When you're going through that really confusing phase with your new fling and you're not sure where the relationship is going.

When It Rains It Pours- Luke Combs

When you finally get out of that sh*tty relationship all your friends warned you about. Now you're living your best life, congrats.

Love In A College Town- Luke Bryan

This one is self explanatory.

Different For Girls- Dierks Bentley

When things are actually different for girls, there's obviously a song that has to be written about it. 100% relatable at some point in your life, ladies.

Bad Blood- Taylor Swift

When that one guy/girl really screwed you over and you just have to sing it out with this song.

Remember Boys- Cole Swindell

Guys, listen to this song on repeat. Ladies, listen to this song when you feel like there are no good guys left. There are guys waiting to treat you just like this song describes! Everyone, listen to this song, because COLE SWINDELL.

Somewhere On A Beach- Dierks Bentley

When you get out of that relationship and you're showing them what they are missing out on.

Put Your Records On- Corinne Bailey Rae

When you need to sing it out, windows down, sunny and 75 F.

Bad Lovers- Luke Bryan

When your relationship has been through hell and back and you're not really sure where the relationship is, but it's obvious you've never been bad lovers...

Hurricane- Luke Combs

That one time this song literally related to your entire night, awkward.

Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood

If you haven't sang this song with pure girl power, then don't speak to me.

pick up the phone- Young Thug

When your mom won't answer your phone calls for the 5th time...LOL.

Sway(feat. Quavo & Lil Yachty)- NexXthursday

This song relates to guys in someway, idk.

Sorority Girl- Luke Bryan

If you're in a sorority, this one's obviously for you. OR, if you're stuck on the high school boyfriend, or if you drive the band and the boys and the bartenders crazy, or if you're on the 5 year plan... I guess.

Home Game- Cole Swindell

This song is all about making memories tailgating for football games with that special someone. Those memories will always be there, good or bad. Especially if you go to Georgia Southern, this one hits close to home. GO BIG BLUE!

Love On Top- Beyoncé

When you're just in that really good spot with your s.o. and things could not be any better. You're happy that they're yours.

Do I Make You Wanna- Billy Currington

This song makes you want to dance in the rain with that one special person.

Sorry For Partyin'- Thomas Rhett

Having the time of your life, but apologizing for it later.

One Night- Lil Yachty

When you're not ready for a relationship.

Break Up In A Small Town- Sam Hunt

When you get involved with a person in the same crowd, with the same interests, in the same town, and they hook up with someone you know. Do I have to elaborate more. 10/10 relatable.

End Game- Taylor Swift

When you just want to end up with that one person, but it's nearly impossible so you play this song on repeat for 3 days...

Like You Say You Do- Luke Bryan

Guys, this song is for you if you struggle watching a girl that you would treat so right, being treated so wrong.

I Love That I Hate You- Kane Brown

Pretty self explanatory, 10/10 recommend.

Going Home- Chief Keef

I guess this is for the guys that have many women in their phone? Not sure, either way it's a bop.

Do It- Mykko Montana

If this song doesn't remind you of every party that you went to, did you even go to college?

Drunk Girl- Chris Janson

This song is for all the good guys that take care of women when they are drunk beyond words.

Company- Justin Bieber

This song is all about what most college relationships are to be honest.

Tongue Tide- Grouplove

If you haven't screamed this song at the top of your lungs with your best friend, you're a liar.

Down In the DM- Yo Gotti

Every lyric in this song is relatable in some way for most...

You Make It Easy- Jason Aldean

Some men actually feel this way about women, and it's magical.

Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled

You've probably heard this at 12 tailgates.

Relationship(feat. Future)- Young Thug

The first few seconds of this song is literally describing the entire male population, sometimes female.

7 Things- Miley Cyrus

Oldie, but a goodie. If you're a woman, chances are you have listened to this song on repeat at one point in your life. You listen to it when you're angry/annoyed/upset at the one you truly can't get enough of.

Mine- Bazzi

Everything you want to tell your crush right now.

A Girl Like You- Easton Corbin

This song should hype you up and make you feel special.

Don't Stop Believin'- Journey

Probably played at every single football game you've attended, and you probably sang every word. 10/10.

No Scrubs- TLC

You've probably blared this song in the car with your best friends after a breakup/curve.

God's Plan- Drake

You will probably hear this song being played at every party you go to from now on. You will also wake up to Chad's Instagram post with the caption "Imagine if i never met the broskies."...clever, Chad.

Like I Loved You- Brett Young

If you went through a breakup and one party wanted to remain friends, and hoped that everything would remain normal, JUST to realize you loved them way more than they ever loved you, this one is for you. Sad story.

Pretty Girl Rock- Kerri Hilson

This is for the ladies that know they are pretty and own it. Remember, jealousy is the ugliest trait.

Jordan Belfort- Wes Walker

Did you even go to college, let alone high school if you didn't listen to this song?? I'm also convinced this is the song all finance/accounting/economics/business majors play in their sleep.

Slippery (feat. Gucci Mane)- Migos

Another song that is played at every party, your boyfriend also knows every word.

Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal)- Fergie

You need to listen to this when you need to be reminded that everything's fine, just take a deep breath and sing it out.

Bodak Yellow- Cardi B

Every female college student knows this song by heart, ready to sing it at the top of their lungs at the kegger next Saturday.

Young Dumb & Broke- Khalid

The title describes 95% of college students.

I Love College- Asher Roth

Also one of the 5 songs ALWAYS played at parties, and you bet everyone there knows every single word.

Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond

The bop of the night that everyone, including security, sings at the top of their lungs. There's no fighting the "SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD".

Middle Of A Memory- Cole Swindell

This song is all about the right person that left at the wrong time. (sorry to the guys that I had to literally walk away from mid conversation, xoxo).

No Hands (feat. Roscoe Dash and Wale)- Waka Flaka Flame

The number one song at the top of the party playlist. This song makes you want to dance on your ex's best friend or dance on elevated surfaces. ALWAYS a classic.

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