Songs I Just Can't Skip
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Songs I Just Can't Skip

Songs I Just Can't Skip

Having your music on shuffle can often be a tossup: you’re either gonna get a steady stream of good tunes that flow nicely from one to the next or a random smattering of songs, none of which you’re in the mood to hear. The latter (for me at least) happens way more often. It’s when my music is on shuffle, however, that I can figure out which songs are at the top of my long list of favorites. Here’s a list of songs that I can never skip over—and that you all should check out if you’re looking for new artists to get into!

1. Blue Boy - Mac Demarco

2. This Guy's In Love With You - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

I am very sappy and no matter what mood I'm in, this song is welcome to my ears.

3. Magic Spells - Crystal Castles

4. Walking On a Dream - Empire of the Sun

I heard this one at the Akron Marathon this past Saturday and it got me super pumped to start running (also I was just excited because they played a song I knew and liked)!

5. Gone Beyond - Bobby Birdman

6. Telephone Line - Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

7. Shiny Things - Fanfarlo

8. Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) - Gotye

This was my (and everybody's) jam during my junior year of high school. I always heard it in art class, so now all I can think of is frantically asking my fellow artists if they knew what it was called. I don't think Shazam was a thing yet!

9. Jackie and Wilson - Hozier

10. One Day (At a Time) - John Lennon

11. Human - The Killers

I distinctly remember my cousin showing me this song around New Years (2008?), right after I'd gotten my purple 4th gen iPod nano for Christmas; I loved it and it was one of the first to be added to my music libary.

12. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears

13. Cherry Pepsi - SAINT PEPSI

Remember the aesthetics article I wrote where I mentioned vaporwave? This is one of those songs. IT'S VERY CATCHY.

Of course, there's loads more that I'm never able to pass up in shuffle but, alas, it is week 5 and I have many an assignment to tend to. Maybe I'll follow up in the future, so look out for another list of great tunes!

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