Do you ever find yourself skipping through your playlist endlessly, never finding a song you want to listen to? Even though you hand-picked all the songs on there? Or, even worse, you ran out of skips and had to sit through songs you just were not in the mood for? Believe me, I am in that position every single day. Sometimes, all you need is a new song that will change up your mood or will keep you wanting more in order to get to that next song. Here are five songs I listen to all the time that keep me beyond entertained.

1. "Fiancé" - Mino


This song off of Korean rapper's first solo album, "XX", combines hypnotizing strings and powerful synth effects to create a totally jam-able rap tune. I know that when I first heard this song, I was thrown for a loop. It wasn't at all what I expected, and it is a song I never get tired of.

2. "The Joke" - Brandi Carlile

brandi carlile

Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" is a powerful, well-organized folk-rock song, which uses the intensity of its lyrics and Carlile's vocals to push the message. As someone who really is not into country music at all, this song impresses me without fail every time. It makes me emotional, encourages me, and reminds me that even though the world we live in today is falling, we should not give up and we should still strive to be our own selves.

3. "Dazed & Confused" - Ruel


This soulful gem of a song is one I can belt in my car any day. Young artist Ruel has a huge talent for releasing catchy songs. This song is one I think everyone can relate to and I definitely have it on my current top ten list for favorite songs.

4. "you should see me in a crown" - Billie Eilish

billie eilish

I first found this song when watching a dance video and was absolutely stunned by how different it was. Billie Eilish includes deep bass, heavy electronics, and her mellow alto voice to captivate listeners. I think it is really interesting to hear this song and listen to how many genres can be found. While I don't necessarily sing every word to this song, it definitely makes me want to dance.

5. "Waste It On Me" - Steve Aoki feat. BTS


A song from one of the top producers and DJs in America and some of the members from the number one boy band in the world is bound to be a good one. This song, which is a very EDM, energetic bop, makes you want to sing along every time. It's easy to listen to and is great for driving around on a beautiful morning or studying for an exam.