Every day, more and more people are being diagnosed with mental illnesses and diseases and have a hard time coping with them. One of the many popular ones today include anxiety.

It is definitely not easy to live with and can be hard to control, but as someone who has anxiety issues, I can tell you that there are ways to calm down after having a panic episode. Normally during or after a panic attack, I like to take my mind off of the present and try to calm myself down.

One way I do that is by surrendering myself to music. Listening to music almost always helps me calm down and I thought I'd share a good bit of songs that I like to listen to when I am anxious.

Honestly most of the songs I listen to come from only a few bands. My favorite happening to be PVRIS (pronounced Paris). All of the songs they write hold deep meaning and help me take my mind off of the things that stress me out. So here are a few of my favorite songs I listen to by this band.

1. Winter by PVRIS

2. Half by PVRIS

3. Walk Alone by PVRIS

4. What's Wrong by PVRIS

And sometimes you don't need lyrics to help calm you down as they can be distracting sometimes. Because of this, I like to listen to many different compositions by different composers to keep my dark thoughts at bay.

5. Time by Hans Simmer

6. Take Flight by Lindsey Sterling

7. Fyrsta by Olafur Arnolds

8. Beyond This Moment by Patrick O'Hearn

9. Near Light by Olafur Arnolds

10. Only The Winds by Olafur Arnolds

11. This Place Is A Shelter by Olafur Arnolds

12. The Arena by Lindsey Sterling

13. TwentyTwoFourteen by The Album Leaf

14. Crystalline by Lights & Motion

15. I Could Hear Water At The Edge Of all Things by Hammock

Those are some of my favorite compositions to listen to. The rest of the list is filled with random songs that have impacted me while dealing with my anxiety. Some songs are inspirational, some are sad and express what I'm feeling at the moment, some are more upbeat and poppy, and some are hopeful and relatable.

16. Take On The World by You Me At Six

17. If I Get High by Nothing But Thieves

18. Graveyard Whistling by Nothing But Thieves

19. DNA by Lia Marie Johnson

20. Rise by Katy Perry

21. Hold my Heart by Lindsey Sterling

22. Millennia by Crown The Empire

23. Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

24. Without The Lights by Elliot Moss

25. Demons by Imagine Dragons

26. Safe and Sound Madilyn Bailey

27. Slip by Elliot Moss

28. The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy

29. This is Gospel by Panic At The Disco

30. The Greatest by Sia

31. Way Down We Go by Kaleo

32. Doubt by Twenty One Pilots

33. Mind Over Matter by PVRIS

34. Demon Limbs by PVRIS

35. Wiser by Madilyn Bailey

36. Save Yourself by Kaleo

37. Fire N Gold by Bea Miller

38. Lionheart by Demi Lovato

39. Hard Times by Paramore

40. Jesus Christ by PVRIS

I hope you enjoy this list of songs I created and I hope it helps a lot of people with their anxiety issues. The most important thing to remember is to stay in a healthy state of mind and never hesitate to reach out to someone if you are drowning in your own thoughts.

As hard as that is, I at least hope that some of you can cope by listening to music. Enjoy.