40 Songs To Listen To That Help With Anxiety

40 Songs To Listen To That Help With Anxiety

"The kids are grown up but their lives are worn."

Every day, more and more people are being diagnosed with mental illnesses and diseases and have a hard time coping with them. One of the many popular ones today include anxiety.

It is definitely not easy to live with and can be hard to control, but as someone who has anxiety issues, I can tell you that there are ways to calm down after having a panic episode. Normally during or after a panic attack, I like to take my mind off of the present and try to calm myself down.

One way I do that is by surrendering myself to music. Listening to music almost always helps me calm down and I thought I'd share a good bit of songs that I like to listen to when I am anxious.

Honestly most of the songs I listen to come from only a few bands. My favorite happening to be PVRIS (pronounced Paris). All of the songs they write hold deep meaning and help me take my mind off of the things that stress me out. So here are a few of my favorite songs I listen to by this band.

1. Winter by PVRIS

2. Half by PVRIS

3. Walk Alone by PVRIS

4. What's Wrong by PVRIS

And sometimes you don't need lyrics to help calm you down as they can be distracting sometimes. Because of this, I like to listen to many different compositions by different composers to keep my dark thoughts at bay.

5. Time by Hans Simmer

6. Take Flight by Lindsey Sterling

7. Fyrsta by Olafur Arnolds

8. Beyond This Moment by Patrick O'Hearn

9. Near Light by Olafur Arnolds

10. Only The Winds by Olafur Arnolds

11. This Place Is A Shelter by Olafur Arnolds

12. The Arena by Lindsey Sterling

13. TwentyTwoFourteen by The Album Leaf

14. Crystalline by Lights & Motion

15. I Could Hear Water At The Edge Of all Things by Hammock

Those are some of my favorite compositions to listen to. The rest of the list is filled with random songs that have impacted me while dealing with my anxiety. Some songs are inspirational, some are sad and express what I'm feeling at the moment, some are more upbeat and poppy, and some are hopeful and relatable.

16. Take On The World by You Me At Six

17. If I Get High by Nothing But Thieves

18. Graveyard Whistling by Nothing But Thieves

19. DNA by Lia Marie Johnson

20. Rise by Katy Perry

21. Hold my Heart by Lindsey Sterling

22. Millennia by Crown The Empire

23. Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

24. Without The Lights by Elliot Moss

25. Demons by Imagine Dragons

26. Safe and Sound Madilyn Bailey

27. Slip by Elliot Moss

28. The Kids Aren't Alright by Fall Out Boy

29. This is Gospel by Panic At The Disco

30. The Greatest by Sia

31. Way Down We Go by Kaleo

32. Doubt by Twenty One Pilots

33. Mind Over Matter by PVRIS

34. Demon Limbs by PVRIS

35. Wiser by Madilyn Bailey

36. Save Yourself by Kaleo

37. Fire N Gold by Bea Miller

38. Lionheart by Demi Lovato

39. Hard Times by Paramore

40. Jesus Christ by PVRIS

I hope you enjoy this list of songs I created and I hope it helps a lot of people with their anxiety issues. The most important thing to remember is to stay in a healthy state of mind and never hesitate to reach out to someone if you are drowning in your own thoughts.

As hard as that is, I at least hope that some of you can cope by listening to music. Enjoy.

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It's the little things in life.

It is always easier to pick out the negatives in life. We tend to dwell on them and drown out the happy moments. I asked a friend to tell me something that made them happy. They sarcastically laughed at my question then thought about it for a minute. Nothing. But they could easily come up with things that made them unhappy. Then I read them my list, and they were smiling and laughing in agreement the whole time. There are so many more things to be happy and laugh about than we realize. After all- it's the little things in life that can mean the most! Here are 50 things that make me happy. What are your 50?

  1. The first warm day of the year
  2. Laughing so hard your abs ache
  3. Freshly washed sheets
  4. Looking through old pictures
  5. The smell of a coffee shop
  6. Eating cookie dough
  7. Reading a bible verse that perfectly fits your current situation
  8. Seeing someone open a gift you got them
  9. Eating birthday cake
  10. A shower after a long day
  11. Marking something off your to-do list
  12. Drinking ice cold water on a really hot day
  13. Dressing up for no reason
  14. Breakfast food
  15. Being able to lay in bed in the morning
  16. Finding something you love at the store
  17. And it’s on sale
  18. Cute elderly couples
  19. When a stranger compliments you
  20. Getting butterflies in your stomach
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  22. Cooking something delicious
  23. Being lost for words
  24. Receiving a birthday card in the mail
  25. And there's money in it
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  27. Realizing how fortunate you are
  28. Waking up from a nightmare and realizing it wasn't real
  29. Fresh fruit
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  31. Singing along to a song in the car
  32. Sunrises
  33. Sunsets
  34. Freshly baked cookies with a glass of milk
  35. Summertime cookouts
  36. Feeling pretty
  37. Looking forward to something
  38. Lemonade
  39. Comfortable silences
  40. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have more time to sleep
  41. Surviving another school year
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  43. The smell of popcorn
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  46. Feeling weird about laughing to yourself
  47. Printed photographs
  48. Wearing a new outfit
  49. The sound of an ice cream truck
  50. Feeling confident
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Anxiety Medications Aren't As Scary As You Might Think

It took me about 2 months to even find the right medication and dosage. It's truly a process.


Before my journey with anxiety, I was very anti-medication. I truly didn't understand the purpose or need for it. Boy, have I learned a lot since then. Upon visiting the doctor, I learned that there are two types of medication that do two different things to the neurotransmitters in your brain. These are categorized as SSRI or SNRI. According to anxiety.org, "SSRIs increase serotonin in the brain. Neural systems affected by increased serotonin regulate mood, sleep, appetite, and digestion."

The medication that I am currently taking falls under the category of SSRI. As a result of taking this medication, "your brain is more capable of making changes that will lead to a decrease in anxiety" (anxiety.org). I don't know if that sounds nice to you, but I loved the sound of it.

On the other hand, per mayoclinic.org, SNRIs "ease depression by impacting chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) used to communicate between brain cells. Like most antidepressants, SNRIs work by ultimately effecting changes in brain chemistry and communication in brain nerve cell circuitry known to regulate mood, to help relieve depression."

From my understanding, the different types of medication focus on different neurotransmitters in your brain. I don't think that one of these is "bad" and one of these is "good." This is simply because anxiety and depression are very personal and impact people differently. My anxiety is not the same as my friend's anxiety. I think it's more of a spectrum.

There are a lot of misconceptions upon starting medication. I think the first is that it works instantly. I have some bad news and it's that some medications take up to a month to get into your system. I mean, you're chemically altering your brain, so it makes sense. It took me about 2 months to even find the right medication and dosage. It's truly a process.

Another misconception is that the pills are addicting- making them completely unnecessary or dangerous. That wasn't true for me. One of my dear friends told me that if you don't feel guilty for taking cold medicine when you have a cold, then you shouldn't feel guilty for taking medication that helps your anxiety. I think this really does boil down to knowing yourself and if there's a history of addiction in your family. However, as someone who's taken the heavy pain killers (via surgery) and now takes anxiety medication, I can testify to say that there's a difference.

The pain killers made me a zombie. The anxiety medication allows me to be the best version of myself. I like who I am when I'm not constantly worried about EVERYTHING. I used to not leave the house without makeup on because I constantly worried what people thought of me. I used to be terrified that my friends didn't want me around. I used to overthink every single decision that I made. Now, none of that is happening. I enjoy my friends and their company, I hardly wear makeup, and I'm getting better at making decisions.

Do I want to be able to thrive without having to correct my neurotransmitters? Sure. However, this is the way that I am, and I wouldn't have gotten better without both therapy and medication. I'm forever grateful for both.

Editor's note: The views expressed in this article are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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