Songs Everyone should have on Their Playlist
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Songs Everyone should have on Their Playlist

Here's some of my favorites

Songs Everyone should have on Their Playlist

Songs Everyone should have on Their Playlist

Welcome to the world of my musically inclined mind, which translates into; I am a mid to late teen who uses music to drown out the negative aspects in my life through random selections of indie music. Come along and enjoy the journey, with twice as less advertisements than Spotify!

Dave Moisan- Lemonade

Delicious as this sounds, this song is a soft indie/ country vibe about the symbolism to a girl being the taste of a sweet lemonade, chalked full of every pun you could imagine accompanied by the plucking of a whimsical guitar. As a naive young girl, I get lost in the throws of such an adoring song and the empowering message about a strong woman and I start to believe that Dave Moisan is singing about me personally. A refreshing tune to say the least.

Bo Burnham-Art is Dead & From God's Perspective

Bo Burnham has been my most recent musical obsession, so please forgive me if I fan girl in this whole article, especially if you see him plastered multiple times in this list. This artist is known for his pretentious, but raw musical comedy, most of his songs include mockery of a major social norm and or concept but these two pieces are one of the more serious ones which truly hit me in my curious and hopeful young mind. It is the first lines from Art is Dead that speak for these two pieces best : " This song isn't funny at all, but it helps me sleep at night."

Trevor Moran- Got Me Feelin' Like

Trevor Moran oozes confidence and lives an unapologetic life style which is stressed in Got Me Feelin' Like . This is the type of song that forces me to run towards my dreams-literally running on my treadmill- no matter the obstacles. Other good purposes for this song include hyping yourself up to take some bomb selfies, giving yourself confidence to ignore fake friends and in general, be a boss in life.

Paramore- Fake Happy & Tell Me It's Okay

Yes this goes out to all the mid 2000's pop rock lovers out there! Paramore is one of my more recent musical interests but it is these two straight-forward-moody pieces that represent the meaning of teen angst. This not only gives me confidence but a bad ass attitude toward anything in my way.

Jack Johnson- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Here's to another soft indie/ country song about the struggles of sitting, waiting and wishing for a person to come around. The use of a guitar and drums in this piece enforces the authentic simplicity of this song. This is the type of song you can tap your foot to and sing out to the summer night with a warm chili that's just as smoky as Jack Johnson's voice.

Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On

I can not stress to you enough how calming and R&B this song is. It is Corinne Bailey Rae's sultry, jazzy voice that reassures every girl listening that " You're going to find yourself, somehow, sometime." A truly timeless piece from the late 2000's that will make you feel wise and vintage yet also renewed.

Yael Naim- New Soul

This piece is very simple and supports the concept of being a new soul in a new place trying to juggle everything. Most teens can probably relate to this one like I can as I hopelessly try to balance the struggles of being a naive soul. New Soul is a very cutesy song that I envision in a late 2000's romantic comedy with the classical goofy yet lovable character.

Maroon 5- Wake Up Call& Harder to Breathe

Any OG Maroon 5 fans reading?? Well this one is for you! These two songs are the rough and tough era of Maroon 5 which creates the bad ass attitude that screams mid 2000's.

Of course I have more songs that are close to my heart but these are the only ones my fingers and editting can take right now! Enjoy!

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