11 Things That Don't Make Any Sense Whatsoever
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11 Things That Don't Make Any Sense Whatsoever

Sometimes you just have to go with it.

11 Things That Don't Make Any Sense Whatsoever

1. Rudeness

What is the point of being rude to someone? Someone please explain it to me because I honestly don’t get it. I also honestly don’t understand when someone goes out of their way to be rude to one. Like do you not have something better to do? If not, then please find something because one’s rudeness is unwanted.

2. Standardized Tests

Like, come on. Why do I have to sit in a room for hours on end praying I do well? Like, sorry not all of us are amazing testers or unreal guessers.

3. Electoral College

Why do we need this? Why doesn’t the popular vote automatically win? For everyone’s vote to actually count, then the popular vote needs to win. It makes no sense how one can win an election but lose in popularity…

4. Grammar

Semicolon versus a colon. Like the only difference I see is that a semicolon has a comma in it. Why can we sometimes use a fragment for artistic style but other times it's shunned?

5. Tears

Why do tears come out of your eyes when you’re happy and sad? Does your body just go, “Oh, this is a good time for water to come out of you…” Like why? What do tears have to do with my mental mood?

6. Stress

This society could live without stress. Stress causes unneeded emotional drama. It causes our hair to turn gray way earlier than predicted.

7. Bobby Pins

They do not work. They can’t tame any of your hair. If you’re lucky you could get a single hair to be held back by a bobby pin. But most of the time you can not even get the single hair to fit in the bobby pin.

8. Black Friday

I have been one of those crazy shoppers who went to Black Friday. However, these Black Friday “deals” do not exist. They are no better than holiday deals or random seasonal deals.

9. Crocs

What are their purpose? People wear them in the water, okay. But in the winter…how are they going to help? The snow is going to go through the holes and into the crocs… like what is the point?

10. Pizza without toppings

What is the point of eating pizza? It is just cheese and tomato. How is that a good combination?

11. Folding Clothes

Why do you have to fold them? You are just going to be digging through your drawers anyways…The clothes are going to get messed up in the drawer anyway.

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