Something Special About Siblings

At some point in our lives, we are all going to feel like we are alone with no friends. There will be times where you have done something wrong and need someone to back you up. For those of us who have been blessed with siblings, they are the perfect best friend. Siblings are the ones who know how to make each other happy. They know you better than anyone else in this world; they can help teach each other life lessons and life long skills. Siblings are lifelong best friends who will always be there for you.

We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts, share family inside jokes, remember family feuds, secrets, family griefs and joys. It would be difficult not knowing our siblings considering that we live with them day in and day out. They see us at our best and they also see us at our absolute worst. To go along with that, they learn to love the side of us that others don't see. We know each other's faults, morals, disasters, shame, triumphs, rivalries, desires and how long we can last before we hit our breaking point. Some of the things that families experience together creates a knowledge of how to create happiness for others within the family.

Of all the people that we develop relationships with or come into contact with, there will never be a better team or partnership than siblings. Siblings make a great team because we learn from each other and develop life skills and build our character with each other. Sibling relationships help each other realize that they are not alone and allows them to share private and difficult information with a trustworthy confidant. Whether it's two brothers, two sisters, or a brother and a sister, they learn to seek help from one another. Just from having three brothers growing up, I can see how we model the behaviors of each other and that the skills we learn from each other help establish relationships outside of our home. A specific life skill we learn from each other is to negotiate. My brothers and I fight and argue. I’ve become aware of how we've learned to attack an opponent with words and negotiating tactics. Along with helping each other with problems we may face, we provide a sense of love and support for one another and that in return creates happiness.

When kids are a year or two part, they share common friends, interests, are able to participate in similar activities, share clothes and toys, gives the oldest child a best friend from an early age and they can go to school together. If siblings are close in age, it's easier for them to become better friends than when the siblings are farther apart in age. Siblings close in age tend to experience some of the same things at about the same time and they are able to be there and help each other through tough situations. For the people whose siblings are farther apart in age, there are also many other good things that can come from that relationship. When kids are a couple years apart, the younger tends to look up to the older one, the older child learns how to be a leader, the older child learns responsibility in helping the parents with the younger child. It makes the older one happy to know someone wants to be just like them and the younger one benefits from this protective relationship as much as the older party.

So, just remember that when you are feeling lonely and think you have no friends, just think about your brother or sister in the other room that you will have by your side for the rest of your life. The relationship between siblings creates happiness, because they know us better than anyone else in this world, they teach us life skills and lessons and they are just the perfect best friend.

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