10 Reasons Society Sucks
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Dear Society, Here Are 10 Reasons That You're The Absolute Worst

The people we have become as a whole are not the people we were 30 years ago. Some may say that is a good thing. It isn't.

Dear Society, Here Are 10 Reasons That You're The Absolute Worst

When I try to take a step back and take an objective look at the world, I realize it's a dysfunctional place. The people we have become as a whole are not the people we were 30 years ago. Some may say that is a good thing. It isn't.

We have double standards on how people of color are treated. 

We allow a black man to be shot because he is a black man who ran from the police. Black men only run from the police because they know that they are already deemed guilty for whatever they're being accused of.

Remember the man that was shot because he "had a gun"? He didn't. He was racially profiled and shot because of a mistaken identity.

If it was a white man that was in the very same situation, there would be an uprising at every police department involved. Yet the only people that are protesting right now are the minorities because you, society, make it OK for white Americans to act superior.

Our youth stands for things they know nothing about. 

Ever notice, after a tragedy, how many young people want to get involved? For example, think of the walk outs that students were staging all over the country. What were they walking out for? What did that prove?

Many students that were involved in those walk outs participated because they wanted to stand for something. What if they were standing for something that was not right? Well, that is society's fault. Our younger generations get involved in anything — right, wrong or indifferent.

Our youth needs to be educated. Why walk out? Why not show more kindness or do something that will actually impact lives? All the walk out did was annoy administration. It did not change a thing.

Have you ever heard the saying "actions speak louder than words"? So, why are the youth all talk and no action?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Our youth are the largest hypocrites.

Everyone wants equality in this world, especially the youth in America. They want everyone to be one big happy family on the outside. Well, I find it hard to believe that they want that on the inside too. What is good for the goose is rarely good for the gander.

Here is why I say this: A fit young white woman is being catcalled. Young bystanders find it offensive and yell at them, telling them how degrading they are to women. Now, let's change that woman's description to a not-so-fit woman of a minority background. Does that same group say anything? More than likely not.

That is the world society has created. It may be OK for one to do, but not the other. How is that equality?

Minorities need to stop playing the victim card.

Society has conditioned minorities to act as if they are the victims. Have you ever looked at what these people are afforded? No, I do not mean to sound rude, but I am just being honest.

Compare a white family that needs to get help from welfare to one of a minority background. White people are harassed about silly documents that minorities are not. I can have my benefits shut down because someone did not properly process my information that I updated on a normal basis. Yet, minorities have less strict rules with this. This is not opinion, but a fact (at least in my state).

You all have no idea that advantages you have. You get better funding for college and business. You will be picked over me in an elite program, even though we both may be equally qualified. It's affirmative action at its finest.

There are no rules of engagement.

Are there actually rules of engagement any more? From my point of view, it is strike now ask questions later. What is that teaching our kids or our grandkids?

As a society, we no longer stop to think about the consequences of our actions. We act as if we are invincible because we have become so immersed in the nonsense of our lives that we feel unstoppable.

Do you want to be that parent that gets a call from school because your child punched another but doesn't have a reason why they did it? We are teaching our children to be strong and independent, but, instead, it is coming across as being a bully.

We are overqualified for jobs.

I swear, we have to be the only country that punishes people who go to college. They spend all that time and money, and for what? To be told they cannot take an entry-level job because they have too much education, or that they need experience in an entry-level job. You have to love the logic.

How about the woman who slaves away for her education? She works hard, but she loses her job. She desperately needs to work but cannot get hired. She is overqualified for minimum wage jobs, and hiring managers are intimidated by the resume. Again, perfect logic. Right?

People are dependent on welfare.

Ever curious as to why so many people are stuck on food stamps? And when I say stuck, I mean literally stuck. Well, they either have little employment or no employment. They eventually get a job, and they make just enough to make ends meet. Bam! Food stamps gone! Then that family is back to choosing between food and bills.

How is anyone ever supposed to get ahead? The moment a family gets in a better situation, they end up knocked back down. The welfare system needs to establish a transition program that allows people to get a reduced amount of food stamps for a period of time, taking them off gradually. This way, people can still pay their bills and pay for their food.

We are a bunch of pansies.

In today's society, you are not allowed to talk to anyone without having to worry about offending someone. When did that happen? Why can't I simply state my opinion? And if you disagree, we can talk about it and move on.

As a whole, we all are so easily offended.

The energy that is spent being angry over something, such as getting a dirty look, is so pointless. This also applies to the people who think it is funny to drive like they are on fire, then get mad at the person following the rules. They have the gall to scream profanities out their window, not caring who is around. We're all such great examples for the next generation.

My daughter is a cheerleader, and they have a competition coming up soon. She is on the five-year-old team and will be getting a participation ribbon. Quite frankly, I think this is wrong. Our children need to learn to fail and how to appropriately react to failure.

Traditional family dynamics are no longer a thing.

Every time I take my children to the doctors, and I have to be asked if my child has the same last name as I do, I look at them funny. Why? Because it has become the norm to be irresponsible sexually. The norm is no longer a family with two parents, following the plan of marriage then children. Marriage is really no longer a requirement. Children out of wedlock are the new trend.

Family is no longer family. Your best friends are now your children's aunts and unlces, and your grandparents barely know who they are. Family stabs each other in the back. What happened to defending your family, regardless of whether they're right or wrong?

At least once a week, my daughter asks about the family dynamics in her life. For example, she asks if she can have a stepmom all the time (because I have one).I obviously act upset and tell her that will never happen. I then try to explain to her why she will not have a stepmom. When did the abnormal become normal?

We glorify the wrong types of people.

Celebrities are pretty much the people we idolize. Everyone wants to be just like them. Many celebrities are just as human as we are, but we are not on a worldwide stage. There are people who idolize Kim Kardashian-West, for example, even though all she cares about are surgeries and looking her best. What kind of image is that sending to people? If you are not comfortable in your own skin, change it? That is a terrible message.

People who commit crimes get more attention than those that are trying to be positive and change the world. You put that in front of someone long enough, and they will begin think delusional thoughts. The human brain is easily manipulated, hence why Charles Manson is as famous as he is.

Where are our role models? I don't just mean parents. Everyone should act as though someone is always watching and judging. Would you act the same if they taped your behavior?

In the world we live in, everything is backward. We no longer spend time doing what we should be, and instead, we focus on things that give the human brain instant satisfaction. We need to stop living in the here and now.

This is the way the world has become. When you take a look objectively at everything around you, you get the pleasure of being disgusted in how we are as people in all aspects of life. The future generations will deal with this more and more, so let's keep passing on the bad behaviors. We're doing GREAT! (I hope you sense my sarcasm.)

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