You're Worth More Than Your "Likes"
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You're Worth More Than Your "Likes"

Women are more than what you see online.

You're Worth More Than Your "Likes"

The word stunning, beautiful, amazing, and sexy is so misinterpreted. As for women, I can’t go a day without it being associated with a girl put in front of the camera with the skimpiest of clothing, all for the satisfaction of selling a handle of vodka, new Lamborghinis, or just for the mere satisfaction to be viewed as just the dirty girls, the skinny girls, the sluts, the “things” “to find pleasure with.” That’s not me, that is not my best friend or the girl who is “playing hard to get, and I am sure hoping its not those “women” in college posing for specific social media sights on Instagram.

Sexy could be private, elusive or charming. What’s attractive is a mystery. What’s beautiful is sacred. What lasts is your inner beauty, and in turn, will truly shine throughout.

Men could be sexy with a shirt and a good pair of jeans, whereas, women are portrayed sexy rather lightly dressed.

This double standard has to end; it is an insulting double standard.

Last week, I went to a Celtics Game. The women cheerleaders in skimpy clothing, where as men cheerleaders in rather covered uniforms.

Please explain? Those are just brief examples, but in every day life you will find this rising especially with new technologies. Women were and have always been“Femme objet” weather you like it or not. Will it stop someday?

This trend can be made un-popular; we can see the value again in what true beauty is. When we re-educate those who have been brainwashed in this generation, I truly believe along with others, that a woman and sex doesn’t necessarily have to be automatically put together. Hopefully making Inappropriate and crude behavior based on the need of attention of views not the center of attention of (college life) life. Therefor making integrity, class and intelligence shine through all of it I truly believe as a collective whole we will be able to change the views on who we are as a gender removing the stigma of cat-calling, derogatory terms and all insults to women. Making Respect and true beauty the center of attention.

Values of a woman are more valuable then a simple snapshot. The courage to bare children, the courage to overcome sexist remarks in the office; two of the billions of reasons behind what makes us the strong independent and fearless gender.

It is not in the “likes” of social media that a sort of blooming validation needs to be acquired, though it is nice that when you reach that hundredth like you feel some sort likability to the public, there is more to be accounted for, however the content of that post will come with a reputation either negative, perverted or a positive response.

Intensions are imperative, this generation seems to be obsessed with the validation of likes, and posts and the latest new applications. I will admit, I have fallen victim of such this said trend. However after giving a long look at myself in the mirror, brushing my teeth, I realized that I do not need it. I don’t need validation, especially if it brings nothing but a negative feeling if I did not reach as many “likes” as my friends…

Therefor, we must, as a whole bring ourselves together as a whole remembering what truly matters, realizing that we must be more than our technology and more in tune with ourselves, others and the universe.

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