Protect Your Mental Health While Fighting For Justice
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Protect Your Mental Health While Fighting For Justice

Having to advocate for the lives of the innocent, to spread change on the internet or at home, to sign and create petitions, and to constantly stay connected with movements can really take a toll on one's mental stability.

... If you feel "burnout" setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself.
--Dalai Lama

There is so much going on in our lives right now. Between a viral pandemic and a racial plague, it seems like it is impossible to think about anything good. What we are fighting is so evil and so big, and if you're a person of color, you're fighting so much more in your head than anyone could ever imagine. Witnessing the death of an innocent person is gut-wrenching and even more so when it happens again and again to a person of your own race. Reading daily the racist comments on Facebook alongside videos of non-colored people throwing out racial slurs and other hate speech. We are fighting for something so important but so draining. With everything we are trying to get done, we cannot forget to cherish our mental health and to take time to heal our minds so we can be strong enough to heal the hearts of others.

We must fight for the lives of others
when we see there is unfairness,
but we must also fight for our own health
otherwise, we can't fight at all.

We must show love for others
no matter their background or race,
but we must also show love for ourselves
otherwise, we can't truly love another.

We must advocate for justice of the lives
that were taken unfairly and too soon,
but we must also advocate for ourselves
otherwise, we can't make our voices heard.

We must change the mindset of others around us
to create a welcoming environment for everyone,
but we must also remain open minded and educate ourselves
otherwise, we can't make the impact that we need.

We must always find a way to do these things
because our world and our people deserve better,
but we must also find ways to focus on our own health
otherwise, we begin to lose ourselves.

These movements and initiatives to remove the systemic racism and glorification of the wrong ideologies are needed. They must continue until we see real positive change for longer than a week. But, it is impossible to take on this task for too long without destroying our mental health. Constantly reading headlines and seeing videos of the cruelty that happens in our world is sickening to the stomach and to the mind. Protect your mental health while fighting for justice.

Remember it's okay to take a break from your phone. It is okay to take a step back from your family or friends that don't support your values. It is okay to take a minute for yourself.

For those impacted more personally and directly by the racial issues our country is currently fighting, it is okay to step away from the environments that are not recognizing and fighting for you. You deserve so much better.

Attached are some resources for those who are struggling to maintain their mental health right now:

Take a Social Media break

Take a Break from Breaking News

Why to News Break

Resources for POC by POC

Black Mental Health

Helplines and Explanations

60 Digital Resources for Mental Health

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