Social Distancing Graduation
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Social Distancing Graduation

It sucks that we don't get our graduation ceremony, but there are still things we can do to celebrate it.

Social Distancing Graduation

All of us college and high school seniors were looking forward to graduation and walking across the stage and receiving our degree/diploma next month. But because of the Corona-virus, our graduation ceremonies and parties have been canceled. And because of social distancing, we can not gather with our friends and family to celebrate.

So here are some ways we can still celebrate our accomplishments.

Graduation games


Just because we can't physically hang out with our friends and family, you can always play videogame-like Fortnight, Overwatch, or Animal Crossing. The world of online gaming opens up a ton of possibilities for social interaction.


Do an at-home photo-shoot put on your cap and gown and take some photos outside and then get all dressed up in whatever your favorite clothes are and just go all out at home and in your back yard, Or even do a themed photoshoot. You can even use Photoshop to place your college in the background or ask your friends to take the same kind of photo and photoshop them in with you, just to make it feel a little more real.

online party

Get your friends and family together in an online video chat like Google meets or Skype, this is a nice way for them to talk to your and congratulate you on your accomplishment, and even send them the link if you are having virtual graduation so they can view that as well.

TicTok Party

If anyone is a fan of TikTok then that could be a great way to have fun with friends and other people that are going through the same thing as you. And just have one big TikTok social media graduation party.

Netflix and Graduate

Get family and friends together and watch TV Shows and or Movies. This is a great way to do something fun but still being socially distant. You can grab all your favorite snacks, and just binge all your favorite movies and TV shows and maybe even some that have a graduation theme to them. Then, simply install the NetflixParty extension to Chrome. This will help sync up all your streams as a group and even provide a chat bar for you!

Record a video for the Graduate

This could be fun and sweet, for anyone who has someone graduating, have all their family member and friends make videos and then send them to you, and you can make one big movie to surprise them with. So they still get that feeling of everyone being there for their big day. Have people include words of advice and inspiration, share a story from the past, or whatever else they want! And this is something that they can cherish forever.

Graduation Wish List

Make a short wish list on Amazon, Of items that you hope to receive, then send the link to family and friends. You might have to wait awhile but it would be worth it in the end. And you can even have your friends share theirs as well so you can get them a little something.

Create a memory scrapbook


Create a scrapbook of photos and letters that you have taken or received over the school year. This can be a fun thing to do and share on social media.

We may not be able to throw a big blow out bash or get to walk across the stage or even take the classic grad photo with family and friends. But there are still things we can do to help celebrate our accomplishments and we deserve to be organized for it. Its been a long journey for us all, so let's go out with a social distancing bang.

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