If you're reading this it is because you're heading into Valentine's Day single and you're a little unsure about how to handle it. If you aren't single, but you're reading this you, are probably interested in what your single friends do on Valentine's Day. I don't blame you -- I like knowing what my adorable couple friends do on Valentine's Day too.

I just have to make sure my mind is in the right place and that I have an awesome Valentine's day too, so I don't feel so bad about myself. I wouldn't say I am a professional "Single on Valentine's Day" girl, but I'm darn near close to being one.

I'm that friend that my friends tell each other "Poor Haley, she's always single on Valentine's Day. Even if she's in a good relationship or talking to a guy it always turns to poop right before Valentine's Day."

So, without further ado, let's dive into the single lady Valentine's Day to-do list:

1. Indulge just a little...or a lot.

No one is with you to tell you it isn't appropriate to eat a whole tub of ice cream in your bed without pants on. Are your couple friends able to do that? Nope -- they are wearing fancy dresses in a fancy restaurant trying to figure out how to pronounce half the things on the menu.

2. Watch the new 50 Shades

I suggest watching both the first one and the second one. Even though I spend most of the movies with my eyes covered because I am NOT mature enough to handle all that.

3. Figure out what you want out of love

Are you even in a place to date? Are there other things you want to do with your life before you dive into the lovely world of 21st-century dating? Remember why you aren't with your exes, too -- this helps. Clarity is good and there is no better time to clarify your current love situation than Valentine's Day.

4. Feel sad for a second

It's Valentine's Day -- a holiday for couples. It's okay to feel sad. Give yourself the time to be sad. Like Miley said, be strategic about it. Ain't nobody got time to be a hot mess all day long. (I suggest giving yourself "sad time" before you do you makeup.)

5. Work

Because why not? As a server, Valentine's day is prime money making. Make money off other people's happiness so you will be happy too (to an extent, I know). Plus, if you're looking to just "get the day over with" this will speed up the process.

6. Love all the wonderful people in your life

Who really said that Valentine's Day is only for couples or significant others? You might be single, but you have amazing people in your life. Even if they have Valentine's day plans -- shoot them a text and tell them you love them. Or, you could be like me and crash my parents Valentine's Day every year. Surprise Dad, you have two Valentines again this year.

This last note is not really something to do, but more advice. If you are even slightly emotionally unstable on Valentine's Day, I would highly suggest avoiding all social media. You will see nothing other than happy couples. Going along with this, avoid bashing Valentine's Day just because you are single. Even if it is a really hard day for you, someday you will love it.

That's it. You'll make it and you can kiss Valentine's Day goodbye until next year.