Snuggies Are The Best "As Seen On TV" Product Ever Made, Change My Mind

Snuggies Are The Best "As Seen On TV" Product Ever Made, Change My Mind

My Snuggy is one of my favorite possessions.

We've all watched the commercials that try to sell us the "as seen on TV" products that rarely live up to the efficiency promoted by the advertisers.

For example, the commercial for "Sham-wow" would frequently play on my TV. The advertisers promise that the Sham-wow towel can clean any mess or spill with a single wipe, no matter how large the accident is. However, if anyone has bought this product, there is no denying that the Sham-wow does not work. Rather, it is a more expensive towel.

These odd commercials promoting products that supposedly make your life easier, are often laughable due to how ridiculous they are. However, there is one "as seen of TV" product that I would argue is actually efficient and effective.

I love my Snuggie. The Snuggie commercial presented a blanket that contains sleeves, allowing one to do their tasks while snuggled up in a blanket. Though this Snuggie fad was a few years ago, I still use mine everyday.

After a long day, all I want to do is cuddle up in my cozy cheetah print Snuggie. Why? Because at this point in the day, I am most likely hungry, wanting to read or watch a movie, and be able to do the tasks I have to while still comfortable. You can catch me walking around my house, making food, brushing my teeth, doing laundry, etc. all while I am wearing my cozy Snuggie.

People will laugh at me and say I look silly. All I know is that "as seen on TV" products are normally scams but if anyone has a Snuggie, they can concur that they are a crucial possession to have.

Cover Image Credit: Audrey Hall

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Dreading This Day All About Love

Valentines day blues


I have never enjoyed Valentine's Day.

Even if when I was in a relationship it was just an awkward day of "hey I love you, give me gifts and lets make out." But this year, I am just not feeling this thing at all. Since the relationship ended last June I have just been dreading the time when February came, because you know that on the 14th you are going to see all these love post and all us singles are like "welp this is just not my day.", and honestly you feel defeated. I personally asked other singles friends (like the three I have) if they wanted to come and watch Netflix with me and dread the day, but sadly they either had school or work. So here is my plan of getting though this day of love:


Yes Netflix how else am I supposed to get through this day? Usually I have Greys Anatomy playing all the time but that has love in it, and I am not in the mood for that. My plan is to watch all the crime shows I can because watching TV crime series or documentary about serial killers just seems perfect for the 14th.


Yes sleeping. I don't have anywhere I need to be why not catch up on some zzz's


Yes I am going to eat my feelings with chocolate because why not? if I could I would get a giant slice of cake and live off that on the 14th but sadly I am stuck with the normal Heresy's chocolate and Reeses which will do their job.


me :)

This is my wonderful cat Kimber and she will be my partner in crime on the 14th. She will sleep, snuggle, cuddle, all day with me because I need that moral support of my fluffy cat.


If I am able to fit reading a book into my schedule of everything listed above then reading will go into that open spot. I always loved reading but with school it is hard to find the time to read for enjoyment. so this day will be the perfect day.

This is my plan for the 14th of February and hopefully this will help me get though this dreadful day. And if you are also single try this out :)

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