SNL Review: Lin-Maneul Miranda

SNL Review: Lin-Maneul Miranda

How did the "Hamilton" creator do?


In only the second episode of the season, Saturday Night Live has already surpassed last season in positive episodes. October 8's episode was hosted by "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, alongside musical guest Twenty One Pilots. Here is my recap of this week's episode:

Cold Open:

Alec Baldwin strikes again with yet another flawless Donald Trump impression, as he highlights Trump's most recent idiotic comments and mannerism towards his words. Baldwin was once again joined by Kate McKinnon's Clinton impression, but unlike in the real political race, Trump was the clear front runner in this sketch which can be seen through Baldwin's facial expressions and infamous dialogue.


Lin-Manuel Miranda certainly did not fail in giving a monologue the audience won't soon forget. Miranda did not miss his shot at making the best of his first SNL hosting experience, as his opening act was filled with his unforgettable lyrics, which is certainly worth watching a second and even third time. Miranda opened up the show perfectly with his impeccable comedic timing, which can be seen in his jab at Mr. Trump.

Best Sketch- Stranger Things:

After falling in love with "Stranger Things" over the summer, I have been anxiously awaiting to see how SNL would spoof Netflix's critically acclaimed show. In a mock season two preview, Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson played Lucas' parents, where they played their roles perfectly, but they were easily over shadowed by new cast member Melissa Villaseñor's Winona Rider impression. Besides Baldwin's version of Trump, Villaseñor might have just had the best impression into the season thus far.

Overall, I thought Miranda did a stellar job hosting Saturday Night Live, and I wouldn't be surprised if Lorne Michaels decides to bring back the Broadway star in the next few seasons.

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