Quality over Quantity

Snapchat came out with an update that added the term "snap streaks" in 2016. Since then snap streaks have represented daily devotion and the un-relentless communicating back-and-forth with friends.

For some, streaks represent how close they feel to their friends and their partners but for others it doesn't mean anything. The idea that a streak represents how someone truly feels is foolish.

As someone who has had Snapchat since the very beginning of its creation on September 16th, 2012, I've seen the huge strides its founders have made to engage users more. When the app began using snap streaks, I wasn't really sure what it meant. As I started getting streaks with my friends, I realized how addictive it could become. I also realized how sad losing one would be, but quickly realized that this meant nothing more than a weak Wi-Fi signal or being occupied by something other than social media.

A snap streak is essentially keeping score of someone's friendship. Some people take it very seriously, and if a snap streak is lost it can be seen as a major offense and can lead to drama or even broken friendships.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is beginning to ruin what it actually means to have friendships and what is required of them. Friendships should not be built on how quick that person can answer a Facebook messenger, Snapchat or direct message. From personal experience, I've realized that some people can be a different person on social media than in person. Talking to someone strictly on social media can hinder actually getting to know their true personality. You cannot see facial expressions or hear tone over text or snapchat conversation. While some people are active on social media, some are not and that's OK.

While snap streak takes into account how much two users communicate back and forth, it doesn't take into account the quality of the conversation. The app has no way of knowing what users know you out of Snapchat or whether or not they're your true friends. There is a big difference between communicating for purposes of keeping in touch versus communicating because you don't want to kill the snap streak.

You cannot judge the success of a friendship by the number of a snap streak. There is so much more to it than social media interaction. Friendship is about the real one-on-one time you spend together, if they build you up, have your back and if you actually get along.

Today it can become easy to measure a friendship by how well people communicate on social media. However, this eliminates the ability to determine how someone is in person. It decreases actually knowing someone's personality and emotions and increases the superficial part of a friendship. While it can seem out of reach sometimes, it is still possible to have true and genuine friendships without the use of social media.

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