Snapchat: FaceSwap

Face-Swap is the newest feature that the social media app Snapchat has debuted. It is where you can apply a filter and switch faces with someone else. It is used with friends but it can also be used if you wished to swap faces with a picture of someone, say a celebrity.

Face-Swap, in my opinion is very creepy. It gives you the ability to look like somebody else, and that could be dangerous in varied situations, primarily in what is used to catfish people. Cat-fishing is the term used to befriend, date, etc. another person with features and pictures that are not yours. Most people I have spoken to about using snapchat filters as a catfish have thought those ideas are just paranoia. Who knows, maybe it is paranoid, but I believe that if one tried hard enough to catfish someone it all can start with a face swap. Using face swap can cause someone to place their face on another person's body or vice-versa, which can make "catfishers" think that if it's their body or their face it isn't bad to be tricking people into believing that your features you're showing on social medias is not yours.

However, most people are not cat-fishers, and believe that the newest addition to the app is pretty cool. I am one of those people. I think it is very cool that there is the technology to enable this face swap. It is always fun to see your face on other people and while it is kinda creepy it is also really funny. It is especially when you're in a big group of friends and everyone is switching faces, it's hilarious.

Overall, I believe the common users of Snapchat are not catfish people and that the new feature is pretty amazing to see.

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