The Smoothie I've Been Obsessing Over

The Smoothie I've Been Obsessing Over

A smoothie recipe that is like no other.


It has been about a year ago now since I was introduced to this smoothie recipe by one of my oldest friend's Sophia and I has still been changing my life to this day. It is one of my favorites and I could enjoy it every day for breakie or an afternoon snack. Since I have still been in love with it for over a year now I though I would share about it because I make it pretty often.


1. Blueberries


Add a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries! Blueberries are a low in calories, high in nutrients, and a great antioxidant.

2. Banana


Next is the banana. I prefer to freeze mine because they are more sweet that way once they have semi browned.

3. Almond Milk


Now, you just need a dash of almond milk or, you add normal milk.

4. Spinach


Then, I put in a handful of greens. You won't even realize you're eating them and it is the perfect way to get them in.

5. Peanut Butter


Add a bit of protein by putting in a spoonful or two of peanut butter. I always use one that is organic and that is 100% peanuts to get the most health benefits from it. With this type of peanut butter there is a taste difference but I've learned to like it over time and would recommend would giving it a try.

Hope You Enjoy!

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Top 13 Food Combinations To Improve Your Dining Hall Experience

Next time you get tired of the same old dining hall food, read this article and I'' show you how you can literally mix it up for once.


Let's face it, as much as we love Spit the food can get boring after a while. I know some people who will eat literally the same exact thing every day. Can you imagine?! I personally am one of the least picky eaters on this planet, so I never have a problem, but I've decided to use my palate to taste test some unique food combinations that can shake up your daily routine in the dining hall. Make sure you read them all because I promise there is something here for everyone!

1. The burrito burger

Something not a lot of people take advantage of is toppings intended for nachos and things like that, and almost nobody thinks to use them on their everyday meals. I found out that if you make your own burger with salsa, cheese, and sour cream, it really changes the game all together.

2. Adding salad dressing to plain vegetable entrees

Sometimes there will just be roasted or steamed vegetables for lunch or dinner and that's great. I love eating healthy. But to spice things up, you can put some Italian or ranch from the salad bar to add some flavor if you really can't handle plain vegetables.

3. Cheesy Chips

Now this one takes dedication. You just buy a bag of your favorite chips, put some cheese from the all day breakfast or... taco or... nacho bar? whatever it is, but the shredded cheese in a cup, but the chips on a plate in your dorm room, put the cheese on the chips, microwave that room temperature. This recipe is cutesy of Rachael Le (

4. Creamsicle drink

You ever had a Creamsicle? Well if you just mix milk, orange juice, and ice, you got a make shift melted Creamsicle! Yummmm.

5. Cereal 2.0

Ever get tired of boring old cereal? Try switching it up by using Powerade instead of milk, or Niquill... in the morning... when you're perfectly healthy . Really, any liquid and any grain in a bowl is cereal, so if you want to put rice and vanilla-orange Coke in a bowl, that could be your new hit cereal!

6. Fruit and ketchup

Don't knock it til you try it! The sweet and sour really compliment each other nicely, I give it a 10/10

7. Stir fry, but raw

Next time your order your stir fry, ask for it extra fresh and they will give you a bowl of uncooked rice with veggies and sauce. It is a really unique way to change up your daily stir fry order and still get that great nutrients!

8.  The Behemoth

This concoction is not for the picky eaters among us. If you like dessert, this is your kinda dish. First you take chocolate pudding, stir it up in a cup with half and half, m&m's, Oreo Crumbs, Marshmallows, mayonnaise, and a can of tomato juice. I know, it sounds gross, but trust me, it is scrumdiddlyumptious! You can thank me later.

9. A waffle, but cook it for 17 extra cycles, and let it sit for 8 days under your bed. Serve with heated syrup.

Now that's fine dining!!!

10. Gam Gam's hot banana water (Revised Recipe)

To make this homemade classic in the Spit, take a banana, peel it, throw away the fruit, put the peel in a mug with hot water, and let it steep for 3 hours. Then, enjoy!

11. Spicy hot dog

Make a plain hot dog, empty out your backpack, take all the weird crumbs from the bottom, and sprinkle it on the wiener. Bon Appetit.

12. Every liquid mixed

I'm talking juice, milk, hot water, salad dressing, hand sanitizer. Run the whole gauntlet and you've got yourself a sweet treat.

13. Lick the bottom of the legs of every chair, table, and person within eyesight

Trust me on this one

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If You Truly Love French Fries, You Know Dipping Them In Ranch Is The Only Way To Go

If you dip french fries in anything else you're wrong.


In order to truly love french fries, you need to know and live by the idea that dipping french fries in ranch is the only way to properly eat a french fry.

A true french fry connoisseur has a list of there favorite french fry places, and then they have a list of there favorite ranch places. Those combine to form the ultimate combination of french fry goodness.

Now so people may think that ketchup is the queen of french fry dipping sauces, but those people are wrong. Ketchup is basically tomatoes that were put in a blender that had some salt and pepper add to them. It is plain, basic, and bland.

Now ranch, on the other hand, is a creamy combination of fresh ground herbs, hand cracked pepper, freshly picked garlic and onion. It is slowly hand mixed to form the most delectable dipping sauce of all time.

It's layered flavors complement the saltiness of fries perfectly. When the flavors combine they form this explosion of salty, sweet, and tangy that leaves you wanting more.

The savoriness of ranch makes you want to continue to dip your fries in it. Ranch is and will always be the superior dipping sauce for fries.

The combination of ranch and french fries will never leave you lead you on, it will never miss a date, it will never ghost you, it will always be there to comfort you in your time of need.

Ketchup will show up and leave five minutes later, but ranch will stay around until every last fry is enjoyed.

Ketchup needs to be shaken and stirred to have a good time, while Ranch walks through the door ready to party.

Who needs a second string player to start when your first string is ready to go?

So move out of the way Ketchup, Ranch is here to stay.

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