Remember that day when you were feeling miserable? You appeared to be so focused on where you were heading to that you were WEARING your misery. Paired with that, your lips might've been pursed, making you appear vain and unapproachable. You seem to have only minded the pace that you were trudging along to.

But, for some odd reason, that stranger walking in the opposite direction of you still managed to give you a smile. "Why did they do that?" you asked yourself. Don't you remember how good that felt? It was so good that it forced you to form a smile yourself, even after they passed you.

Suddenly, you were uplifted. Your entire mood completely shifted and you were set for the rest of the day. That small interaction made all the difference.

So, that moment when you see someone trudging around with a straight face, don't hesitate to give them a perk. Sometimes we need to help each other out and remind one another to be kind, even if it seems unacceptable and awkward as hell.

I think people are afraid to be the first person to smile because there may be the possibility that they look away instantly, they don't respond with a smile, or even bother to look at you. But just remember, it's worth the attempt because, if they DO notice, at least you put the effort into uplifting a stranger's mood and that's something!

It also takes a certain amount of strength to be the first one to give the smile, and when you do, you're playing a tremendous part in the aid of humanity.

So, smiling randomly to people that you don't know (and let's not forget about the ones we do know) isn't just a grain of salt; it's the inspiration.

We have the power to inspire others to better themselves, too, and it all starts with a smile.