11 Heartwarming Animated Movies That Will Make You Smile

11 Heartwarming Animated Movies That Will Make You Smile

Nothing is better than an animated movie.

When life gets tough, sometimes you wish you could just go back to being a kid! What is a better way to live as a kid than watch animated movies? If you are in need of some smiles and giggles, here is a list of the best-animated films in the past 10 years!

1. 2008 -- Wall-E

WALL-E is one of the cutest animated characters ever! This movie really makes you think about planet Earth and how important it is to treat it the right way.

2. 2009 -- Up

If you want a little cry, this movie is the one for you. The adventure of an old man with his heart full of love for his passed wife in this film will make you smile ear to ear!

3. 2010 -- Toy Story 3

The end of the amazing Toy Story series. As Andy leaves for college, our favorite toys came together for one last adventure. Why did Andy's mom accidentally take the wrong bag to the curb for garbage? WHY?

4. 2011 -- The Muppets

This musical may not be a cartoon, but the muppets are their own type of animation! With the help of the biggest Muppet fan, Walter, the Muppets try to raise $10 Million to save the famous Muppet theater!

5. 2012 -- Wreck It Ralph

I'M GUNNA WRECK IT! Arcade games are more than just games (;

6. 2013 -- Frozen

This could be the best-animated film...EVER. The power of sisters is above all!

7. 2014 -- Big Hero 6

Baymax and his prodigy, Hiro, have the cutest relationship. The Big Hero 6 become a team of high tech heroes after a devasting event happens in San Fransokyo (pretty cool city name)!

8. 2015 -- Inside Out

Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness show their true emotions (ha, get it) as they get used to moving to a new city!

9. 2016 -- Trolls

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake kill it in this adorable movie with their voices! Watch out for the Bergens!!

10. 2017 -- Coco

This movie is so beautifully made. The animation and colors are so pretty to watch. You get to go to the Land of the Dead with Miguel to find his great-great-grandfather, a famous singer!

11. 2018 -- Sherlock Gnomes

On March 23, the legendary Gnomeo and Juliet are back for another adventure! The dynamic duo contacts Sherlock Gnomes to solve the case of their missing friends and family after they disappear from the garden! Elton John produced and did the music for the film, so you know it is going to be fantastic!! Don't forget to check it out!
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To The Girl Who Still Has Her Mom This Christmas

To the girl with who is blessed enough to have her momma this Christmas. 

     To the girl who is blessed enough to have her momma this Christmas, please remember to soak every last bit of it in. 

      Please remember to hug her so tight, that the way she smells is locked into your nose. Listen to all the stories you've heard a million times, like you've never heard a single one. Help her, even if it seems completely silly to you, help her mix that cake. Laugh, oh please laugh. Laugh at all her corky ways, at the way she mispronounces words, try's to be hip and use new found lingo, or how she cusses when she forgot to get the rolls out of the oven but quickly asks the Lord for forgiveness. Remember her laugh, etch it into your brain. Make her happy, if she wants to go riding around looking at Christmas lights down the same streets you've went for years, do it. Don't fuss, take her advice, agree to just disagree on things. It's not worth it. Most importantly, remind her over and over how much you love her. 

     Because unlike you, I'm not able to see my mom on Christmas. I'm not able to see her on birthdays, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion. My time with her is up. Death is the most permanent heartbreak. 

     How I long to hear her voice, her laugh. To feel her tight embrace. Smell, oh god, what I would give to just be able to smell her. I would absolutely love to go riding around for hours while she ohhs and ahhs at every single house we pass. If I had the opportunity I'd tell her just how much I love her, how I'm so thankful for all the sacrifices she made for me. In fact, I'm not sure I could ever tell her enough. 

      Some days I wake up and it still doesn't feel real. Others, I panic trying to remember exactly how she sounded. Because, I don't want to forget. I don't want to forget a single characteristic about her. Not one. 

     Take time, not just on holidays, or special occasions to be with your mom. Even if it's just you two piled up watching reruns of "The Little House on the Prairie", soak it in. 

    You only get one momma. Nobody could ever take her place. She's your rock. 

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5 Late Night Comedy Hosts And How Well They Can Probably Grill A Steak

Late night hosting and steak grilling are directly correlated.


Late night comedy is the perfect escape. It's the perfect way to unwind before bedtime, catch up on the news of the day with a satirical twist, and see what new or exciting comedy segment your favorite host has come up with recently. From Fallon to Colbert, each show offers something different and delivers its own unique perspective, reflected through the content of the show and the host as well. However, whenever I watch late night comedy, one question always seems to pop up in my mind. I always find myself wondering how well each host would be able to grill a steak. You can tell a surprising amount about the way a person grills a steak by the way that person hosts a late night comedy show, so here are five late night hosts, ranked by how well they can probably grill a steak.

1. John Oliver

"Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver is a television masterpiece that offers a blend of late night comedy and informative journalism, achieving wondrous results. It may not be a traditional late night show, but John Oliver's talents create something truly unique and as a result, it seems like this guy really knows how to grill a steak. If you're at a barbecue and John Oliver happens to be there, there is a pretty good chance that he will take over for the grill master and show everybody how it's done, because he just knows how to grill.

2. Stephen Colbert

Colbert's spectacular charisma and naturally funny persona make him a prime late night comedy host, as well as a prime steak griller. Colbert's show is a fair amount more political than your average late night show, but even though it seems to lean rather heavily on political humor, the show is still wildly funny and entertaining, which is how you know that Colbert also knows a thing or two about grilling up some steaks. And honestly, I get the vibe that Colbert can not only grill a steak, but he can handle chicken and burgers as well.

3. Jimmy Fallon

Fallon's goofy, yet hilarious presence, his immense talent, and his willingness to pretty much be friends with everyone have allowed him to secure what is probably the most sought-after position in late night TV, the host of the Tonight Show. His show is a bit more light-hearted than Oliver or Colbert, and as a result Fallon may apply this light-hearted nature to his steak-grilling as well, although it seems hard to tell. He is a phenomenal late night host, and definitely knows how to grill a steak, his technique may just differ a little bit from some of the other hosts.

4. Jimmy Kimmel

As a U of A student, I should probably automatically despise Jimmy Kimmel since he went to ASU. However, his show does have some pretty funny segments. I do wonder, however, about his steak-grilling abilities sometimes. I'm sure that Jimmy Kimmel knows his way around a grill, but grilling just doesn't strike me as a typical activity for him. But hey, I could be wrong.

5. Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers' show doesn't always work for me, and he was probably in a position that was a better fit when he was head writer and host of Weekend Update for "Saturday Night LIve." Still, the show does have its entertaining moments, and Seth is still a relatively new late night host, so he still has time to improve. For some reason, Seth strikes me as the master of grilling steaks, like he is unbelievably good at it and watching him grill is like watching a true master at work.

Okay, so I've never actually asked any of these late night hosts about their steak-grilling abilities, nor have I ever seen any of them grill a steak. But, I have watched their shows, which has really given me all the insight I need into these five late night comedy hosts, and the way they grill their steaks.

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