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Saint Mary's College is the awesome all-women's college located in Notre Dame, Indiana. I am proud to say that I am a Saint Mary's woman, and the tradition that lives here is amazing. With this tradition, however, comes a language of its own. Therefore, I've compiled a dictionary of all of the words that you need to know if you're ever visiting your favorite Smick!

The Avenue

It will always lead you home! It's a wonderful road off of State Route 933 filled with beautiful trees and scenery. It leads into the heart of campus, towards Holy Cross Hall to be specific.


A Belle is a Saint Mary's woman. The Belle is the Saint Mary's Mascot!

The Belle Tower

The most identifiable part of our campus. It's a huge tower in the middle of campus. It is incorporated in a beautiful dorm called Le Mans, which houses two-thirds of the on-campus population.


Blinkie — also known as my hero — is a shuttle van that drives around campus and between Saint Mary's and Notre Dame at night to escort people back to their dorms. We call it Blinkie because it has an orange light on top that blinks in the middle of the night so that you know where he is (yes, it's a he). The main driver is Blinkie Bob and many girls dress up as him for Halloween.


Center for Women's Intercultural Leadership — Saint Mary's is very big on having it's students leave with a broad, globalized perspective. That's why we have a center on campus dedicated just to this. They promote global literacy throughout campus, help international exchange and international four-year students, and help aid in the Study Abroad process, which a little over 50% of students participate in.


An acronym for Dining Hall. It's where we go for meals on campus. It gets crazy at exactly 12:15 every single day. Avoid that like the plague.


Dance Marathon — It's a 12 hour marathon of dance and performances that raises money for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

The Dome

It's the most identifiable building at our Mother school, Notre Dame. It's beautiful, and our lady Mary is right on top! (Fun fact —Saint Mary's donated the Mary statue on top of the Dome to Notre Dame. You're Welcome.)


This is just another word for a Notre Dame student.


Sigma Mu Chi - Saint Mary's greek letters. We SMCDM sells sweatshirts with these letters each year.

French Cross

Our symbol. You'll see it on posters and decorations throughout campus, and on all of our spirit wear.


For the Kids — A term used when referring to why we participate in Dance Marathon, which is for the kids of Riley Children's Hospital.


Holy Cross College — The school directly next door to Saint Mary's. Notre Dame is also Holy Cross's Mother school.


A shortened term for Holy Cross Hall. Not to be confused with Holy Cross College.

Holy Cross - Congregation

The order of brothers and sisters who founded our school and provide many of its Catholic values that still live on today.


International Education Week - This is one week per year during the fall semester where we put a larger emphasis on celebrating the global education provided here than normally. There are activities, different foods at the DH, and music!

Junior Moms

A weekend in April in which the moms of Junior students come up and have a good time. This typically involves ND stadium tours!


1.) One of the academic buildings used for various classes.

2.) The name of the sister - Sister Madeleva Wolfe - who founded Saint Mary's.


1.) The building at Saint Mary's that houses our Arts, Music, Communications, Dance, and Theatre Departments.

2.) Father Moreau - One of the founders of our beautiful Holy Cross Congregation schools.


Notre Dame - Our Mother school.


Short for Residence Life. Another term this can be called is Panem, like the districts in the Hunger Games, because getting a good room each year is like the Hunger Games.


Short for Riley Children's Hospital. Riley is a Miracle Network hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Miracle Network pays for the children's hospital fees through donations. This is what DM raises money for.

Riley Week

One week out of the year where they do several activities outside of the DM to raise money for Riley.


The Ring

The ring is the thing at Saint Mary's! The ring refers to your class ring that you get when you're a junior. It's a huge identifier of who is a Belle. They're beautiful, and they're another great way to show sisterhood and bring all Belles together.


Saint Mary's College - Our beautiful school and the real Happiest Place on Earth! When pronouncing it, you can either just say "S M C", or "Smick".


SMC Dance Marathon - See DM.


Saint Mary's Security - they take themselves more seriously than any of the South Bend or Notre Dame police do, and SMC-urity does not consist of real cops.


Okay, we all know what a squirrel is, but they're all over here. Better get used to it because your casa is their casa. They are not afraid of people here either, since they're so used to having us around.


Saint Mary's Chick - A term for the women who go to Saint Mary's. These are some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet.

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