As a freshman, leaving for college is often scary. As move in day nears, I have been packing up my room and reminiscing on memories and all of the things that I will miss once college hits. Friends and family are at the top of the list of course, but there are some little things that I have come to realize will also be missed just as much.

1. Bubble baths.

At the top of the list is a private bathroom, with the luxury of sinking down into the tub after a long day and submerging myself in bubbles.

2. Being driven around everywhere.

There is no better feeling then getting to sleep during a long car ride while somebody else has the responsibility of driving.

3. Blasting music as loud as you want.

Once we get to the dorms and have paper thin walls, playing Hannah Montana at full volume will definitely land me some dirty looks.

4. Home-cooked meals.

I'm not sure if the dining hall food is as bad as everyone says it is, but I will certainly miss family dinners with my favorite food.

5. Toilet paper that doesn't feel like sandpaper.

Enough said.

6. Not having to shower with shoes on.

I honestly do not even want to know what is in the showers at college to have to make shower shoes a thing.

7. Crawling into bed and having my pet snuggle up to me.

As annoying it is sometimes, having a fluffy animal curled up in a ball next to my lap after a bad day somehow makes everything seem better.

8. Driving.

Driving around with friends with the windows down blasting music will be one of the things that I miss most freshman year, as well as having the ability to go wherever I want when I need to.

9. Random ice cream runs.

Having the ability to go to the Harris Teeter or Bruster's right down the road on a whim to get ice cream always fixed any bad day.

10. Being able to be alone.

Having privacy or just being able to be completely alone is something we all need sometimes, and having a roommate in college makes that extremely difficult.

11. Working

With the amount of credit hours I have first semester, and having to adjust to college life in general, not being able to work will surprisingly be something that I miss.

12. Walking around the neighborhood.

Whenever I need to think, a familiar walk or run around the neighborhood before sunset always calms me down. Going around campus just wont be the same.

13. Not having responsibilities.

As frustrating as parents can be sometimes, not having to worry about major things like bills will be one of the things I miss most.

14. Being able to buy things without constantly asking if I can afford it.

Working allowed me the luxury of having money to spend on things, but being in college without a job means I have to be extremely careful about every little thing I spend money on.

15. Having a place to call home.

There may be a saying that goes "dorm sweet dorm", but nothing will ever come close to having the comfort of having a place to come back to whenever I want.

I am 100 percent ready for college and starting a new chapter of my life. I am going to embrace the challenges and new experiences with an open mind, but there will always be a part of me that can't wait to come home so I can have all the little things back.