Sleighing Single This Holiday Season

Sleighing Single This Holiday Season

If you are single this holiday season don't let the commercials and radio fool you- it can actually be a lot of fun!

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A couple weeks ago I turned 23. Which means I am officially in the age group where everyone gets married. Every single day, I hop on Facebook and see engagement announcements or wedding status updates. It definitely increases this time of year, and it even feels like the people that have been single with me now have someone for the holidays. At first, I convinced myself that this was a bad thing. This will be my first Christmas in two years being single. While it is certainly an adjustment, there are tons to look forward to as a single individual!

The biggest thing you have to look forward to is the holiday parties that are coming up. Instead of going with a significant other, you have a chance to meet new people and make new friends during the holiday season! It can be super fun to go to a party not knowing who you will meet. It's a great way to make new connections, and who knows- maybe you will find someone under the mistletoe!

Being single doesn't mean you have to be miserable for the holidays.

I know that the songs make it seem like things are merrier with someone by your side, but that someone can be friends and family! I strongly suggest having a friend who is down to clown: holiday style. I know I can call my best friend to go meet Santa, attend an ugly Christmas sweater party, or even to tag along for Holiday shopping. As long as you have someone whose company you enjoy, you will not be miserable to be alone this holiday season!

Remember, it's Cuffing Season. This is important to note because you should know that the majority of the happy couples you see probably won't make it past the New Year and that's just the truth. It seems like *everyone* suddenly couples up this time of year, but that's what is key to remember- They couple up because it feels like they should. Just remember, it's much more important to get into a relationship that you think will truly be right for you rather than getting into a relationship to try to provide warmth during the holiday season. You don't need a significant other, you just need a jacket. Trust me.

If you find yourself feeling lonely this holiday season, just know your time will come. And when the time is right, that kiss under the mistletoe will be more than worth the wait!

Happy holidays to all those sleighing singlehood :)

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