Let's start with a question. How many college students get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep every single night? I know I sure don't. This is because everyone has belittled sleep as to being something that you can do when you're dead. Today's society wants everyone to focus on jam-packing everything you can into one day without slowing down for a second to even think about it. The only problem with that is then we stop taking care of ourselves, and when shit hits the fan, it's all over.

Sleep is SO important, but not everyone understands why.

1. It improves your education

If you get the correct amount of sleep, you will focus better. You will find that you have more creativity and it will help you focus. By starting earlier in the day it also will help you get more accomplished as well throughout the day. It gives you more energy and also is way more refreshing than getting up at two in the afternoon just to begin your day when it's already half over.

2. Helps your mental state of mind

This is a proven fact that more sleep can make you happier and have you feeling more encouraged. Whereas if you get less sleep, you can be more irritable, angry and even depressed. If you don't sleep it screws with your emotions and it's hard to get that back.

3. Your physical health will improve

First off, you will have more energy. Energy to get up in the morning, to get through your day, and to be able to accomplish everything that you need to do. When you're sleep deprived, that is all you can think about, and it will definitely affect your normal day. It also will help build your immune system up because it is building a defense response to it so that you will not get sick as often. This will also just give you greater improvements in your life.

4. Managing your weight

When you get the correct amount of sleep, your body has the time it needs to heal -- but it also has the time to do other things. These include regulating certain hormones. These hormones include things that will control your appetite as well as your metabolism. This then helps stabilize and manage your weight, which will improve your life.

Either way, sleep is super important. Especially for college students/young adults who need the sleep more than anyone else. This is the final stages of growth and development of the brain and that is why it is vital to get sleep.

So take care of your bodies and take care of your mind especially. It's the only thing that will let you lead a happy and long life.