We've all been there, the night you get home from college you get into bed at home and you truly relax. Finally, your bed at home.

Then, you close your eyes to sleep. You assume that your body would be on the same sleeping schedule as at school and you would wake up waaaay earlier than you want/need to. Then, you open your eyes 15 hours later.

What?? What changed between sleeping at home and sleeping at school? How come at school I wake up two times a night worrying that I slept through my alarms, but at home, I actually sleep through my alarms, my mom waking me up before she leaves, AND the pure daylight outside?

Then, (I know this from personal experience) after you are angry at yourself for waking up so late, you close your eyes for just a minute before you get up.

There goes another hour at least.

So, what's the difference between sleep at school and sleep at home?

For college students, sleep at school is a requirement. It is a scheduled task, oftentimes neglected to get work done and fit in social life. The set number of hours you have to sleep isn't really a choice, but a necessary check on your never-ending to do list.

Sleep at home on the other hand, is time to relax. You can actually turn yourself off, unwind, and knock out. Finally, no due dates or early morning classes. Even with an alarm, your brain seems to know that there is no need to get up that early.

What surprises me though is that I sleep at school. I'm one of those people who needs her 8 hours, or at least 7 and makes sure she gets them. So I want to know what kind of adrenaline I am running on that makes me feel so wide awake and then so tired once I get home. And I also want to know what happens for those students who just don't sleep at school?

Maybe these couple of lazy (and I mean lazy) days are what all college students have earned through the months of crazy stress and hard work.

So, here is my reminder to not make plans for the mornings when I first get home from school. To be more realistic and push that alarm back a little. And to enjoy this free time to sleep while it lasts.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I need a nap.