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Skin Deep

How Beauty Can Be Defined in a Different Perspective


There are so many people who do not realize that what lies skin deep is even more beautiful and powerful than what is on the surface. What people see does not define a person. Everyone is beautiful in their own way; it is just a matter of what people believe. Most of society have these high standards of what beautiful is. Beautiful in societies eyes is skinny, long hair, flawless smile with white teeth. But beauty means so much more. Beauty is about how you touch others. We are all the same, is something that people do not understand. All of our hearts beat the same. Love and beauty can be found within so many different places. Ourselves, as one and as a unit, need to stand tall and believe. Believe in ourselves to change the world and to redefine what beautiful means. Beauty is love and love is powerful; power can demolish hate. Hate upon ourselves and hate towards others. What most people do not understand, that hating is one of our greatest evils. The one thing about being beautiful is that we all have the opportunity to change how we see ourselves and how others perceive.

One thing that really stood out to me was being told that my humor made me beautiful to someone. The way I care for others has made people want to be involved in my life. The way that I want to protect those who are too afraid to protect themselves. I look at those things as beautiful because it is not about me, it is about us. It is about the way people remember you as, that makes you beautiful. When time is coming to an end, people do not remember the weight you were when you were 17 or the color of your hair and eyes. They remember the way you made them feel. They remember how you were there for them when they could not be there for themselves.

When being described as beautiful, people tend to list what is on the inside that makes them so attracted to you. Not what you look like. If only the world could understand that beauty is skin deep. Beauty comes from within and defines who you are as a human being. The most beautiful human beings are not models; they are those who made a difference within the world. They are those people who believe in themselves and what god has given them. They believe in themselves to stand up and change someone else's world. Those people who believe that they are beautiful are in fact beautiful. They are beautiful because they do not comply to the standard definition of what beautiful is. They expand on that and make it their own. Beauty in the eye of society, is in fact, NOT beautiful. It is hateful and self-criticism.

Beauty, people's biggest downfall. It is a made up word to make those feel good about themselves because of how well they can do their make up or how white their teeth are. Beauty can completely destroy people because NO ONE ever feels like they are good enough. What people do not understand is that self-hate is not beautiful, even though self-hate is a condition of beauty. Self-hate is looking at other's and comparing. Believing that someone who weighs 15 pounds less is beautiful because they can wear a smaller size jean. Weight is just a number. Weight does not define who you are and how you impact other people and their lives.

Some of the most beautiful people that I have ever met do not have the ability to understand that looks matter. The most beautiful people I have ever met are those who look inside of me and rather than the outside. The most beautiful person I have ever met was named Matt. Matt had a disability and was mentally handicapped. He is full of life and love. He believed in himself and despite being different, he knew who he was as a person. He was full of confidence, such confidence that he had the courage to block and ignore all of those negative comments said to him because of his disability. He loved his life because he was surrounded by people who constantly reminded him how much of an amazing person he was. Most importantly, he made everyone around him how special they were. He told everyone he met how beautiful they were and would always tell them one compliments a day. Believe it or not, that compliment was never what was on the surface. It was what he learned from within others. He would tell people how amazing their laughed sounded, or how bright their mind was. Matt loved himself and always made sure those around him loved themselves as well.

Beauty is not looks and the reflection staring back at you in the mirror. Beauty is loving others, caring for others. Without love for yourself and for others, there is no beauty.

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