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An Actor's Skin Color Does Not Matter, Their Talent Is What We Should Be Focusing On

Talent is what lands someone a role, not their looks.


I cannot believe we are in 2019 and we still have to lecture people about race and color. I have seen everyone on social media making a fuss out of what race has more representation and what race does not, and I just want to ask this question: would you rather have an awful actor representing your race or would you rather have someone that has great acting skills? Does it really matter if it is a black person or white person taking a role? Why can't focus be on the actual talent of those in movie roles rather than on what they look like?

Don't get me wrong, representation and diversity are great, but it is totally unrealistic and unnecessary when everyone makes a fuss about the skin color of actors. This just takes away the attention on how important it is for an actor to actually have talent in order to bag a major role and just focuses on how much representation is needed in a work of art. I don't think people are noticing how movie companies are using this as a marketing tactic in order to trigger emotional reactions and get more money from us viewers, and it truly is sad that we are falling for it.

There are some instances where the skin color did matter. For instance, when Jordan Peele made his movie "US," most of his cast was black, but he had a purpose for doing this. And once you've seen the movie, you'll understand why he made the choices he made.

But for the most part, it all comes down to talent. People are cast in roles because of the things they can bring to the movie.

Representation is so important, but, at the end of the day, the talent of those in a movie is what really matters.

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