The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Ski Junkies

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Ski Junkies

Hit the slopes with fresh new gear this year!


Shopping for the ski junkie on your list for can be a difficult task. Skiers demand high-performance gear that is designed for a highly specific purpose. With that said, skiing requires a long list of necessary equipment and an even longer list of fun and useful accessories. With a little research, it is easy to find something that is sure to make the skier on your list smile. Here are some of the top gifts for the ski junkie on your list!

Armada JJ Ski - $825

One of the most iconic skis on the market, the Armada JJs are one of the best gifts money can buy for the skier on your list. This all-mountain ski has plenty of rocker front and back and a stiff Pop-lite core for maximum responsiveness allowing for skiers to turn the entire mountain into a playground.

Marker Duke Pro EPF 18 Bindings - $479

Upon finding the Marker Duke Pro EPF 18 Bindings under the tree, the backcountry skier on your list may have a major freakout. Some of the ski industry's best touring bindings, the Duke Pro's offer all-mountain performance with unmatched climbing ability. If the skier on your list is looking to ski the biggest lines in the backcountry, these bindings won't disappoint.

Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Boots - $799.95

Another hot ticket item for the backcountry skier on your holiday shopping list are the Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour boots. These are ideal for the hard-charging skier who is seeking out the biggest and baddest lines on the mountain. The Hoji Pro Tours make no sacrifice and are at home during both long, steep climbs and epic backcountry descents.

Grass Sticks Bamboo Ski Poles - starting at $98

Handbuilt in the legendary ski town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Grass Sticks Bamboo Ski Poles make for a great Christmas present. Using environmentally friendly bamboo, Grass Sticks poles are durable, strong and made for high performance. The company offers a variety of custom options, so if the skier on your list is picky, a gift card might be the ticket.

Voormi Wool Base Layers - starting at $90

Based in the rugged San Juan Mountains of Colorado, Voormi is a small clothing company producing high-performance ski apparel using natural, fiber-based materials. Both men's and women's long sleeve base layers start at $90, while bottoms retail for $119. Voormi offers a wide variety of ski clothing and accessories in addition to base layers and are sure to offer something that the skier on your list is sure to love.

Patagonia Men’s/Women’s Powslayer Jacket - $699

As one of the most reputable companies in the outdoor industry, Patagonia continues to produce some of the best gear on the market year after year. This year's Powslayer Jacket is no exception. Using waterproof and breathable Gore-tex Pro shell and recycled nylon, the Powslayer Jacket is sure to keep the skier on your list warm and dry, season after season.

Coal Uniform Beanie - $24

A beanie that looks just as good on the slopes as it does at the bar after a long day riding powder, the Coal Uniform is a great stocking stuffer for any skier. Made from a warm and comfortable wool and polyester blend, the Uniform beanie is available in a multitude of colors that are sure to fit styles of all kinds.

Yakima Freshtrack 6 - $189.00

When heading to the local ski area with family and friends, skiers must make sure that there is plenty of room in the car for both people and their gear. The Yakima Freshtrack 6 is an entry level ski rack, designed to fit roof racks of all shapes and sizes. With room for 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, the Freshtrack 6 is a great gift for the skier on your list!

Klean Kanteen Coffee Lover’s Starter Kit - $78.80

A strong cup of coffee is one of the best ways to help skiers get to the mountain for the first chair. The Klean Kanteen Coffee Lover's Starter kit is a great option for the skier on your list. The kit includes an insulated 16 oz wide mouth coffee cup, a 16 oz tumbler, and an 8 oz tumbler for espresso. Fill it up in the morning and have a warm drink all day long with the Klean Kanteen Coffee Lover's Starter kit!

Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet - $249.95

Winner of the prestigious ISPO Gold Medal award, the Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS helmet offers some of the ski industry's best protection. The Switcher is equipped with 22 vents to ensure that it is never too hot or cold, an audio ready system and the MIPS protection system in addition to Sweet's unique Advanced Hybrid construction. The Switcher Helmet is a great buy for all-mountain skiers looking to stay safe in any conditions.

Smith I/O Mag Goggles - $240

The Smith I/O Mag Goggles utilize Smith's proven Chromapop lense to provide the best visibility and protection on the market. The interchangeable lenses can be swapped out depending on the light conditions, while the patented Porex filter helps optical distortion during elevation changes.

Lifeproof Nuud Phone Case - starts at $89.99

For skiers, a phone can act as a GPS, camera, and way of communication while on the mountain. The Lifeproof Nuud Phone Case can help to protect the phone during a rough fall or while being used in a snowstorm as it is sealed from dirt, snow, and dust and is also able to survive a drop from 2 meters up.

Thule Pulse Alpine Cargo Box - $429.95

With the Thule Alpine Cargo Box, space is never an issue. Adding an additional 11 cubic feet of storage allows for skiers to transport people and gear efficiently. With room for 3-5 pairs of skis, 2-3 snowboards, or some combination of both, the Pulse Alpine Cargo box makes sure that no one has to stay home. In comparison to a less expensive ski rack, a cargo box such as the Pulse Alpine offers better protection from the elements and more security. In the summertime, the box can double as extra storage for camping trips, too!

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