Sizzling Ways to Make Sure Your High School Years are Stress Free
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Sizzling Ways to Make Sure Your High School Years are Stress Free

This is to you, from an experienced high school survivor

Sizzling Ways to Make Sure Your High School Years are Stress Free
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So high school can be the best and the worse years on your life. You have the breakups, the cliques, and the drama. If you're a student athlete, then that can be worse. My favorite year was sophomore year, because you're not a freshman but you're not a junior trying to think about college. You will come to a point in your high school career that you just can't wait to graduate. You can't wait to leave the teachers, the drama, the school work, everything behind. Then when you're a senior and you graduate, you'll develop graduation goggles as said by Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Robin describes the goggles when she breakups with Scooby on one of the episodes, (if you watch HIMYM).

But they actually work for everything. Losing a job you absolutely hate, but you will remember and miss your jerk of a boss. For high school, you will miss the Friday Night Football games, the 10 hours of homework, the annoying people that walk super slow in the halls, and of course the couples that make out in the hallways that make you vomit in your mouth.

1. Care about your grades.

This is crucial for all four years, but if you make good grades for the beginning of the year; you will probably push yourself to make better grades the next years.

2. Be friendly-Be social.

You gain some, you lose some. Yep, I'm talking about your friends. You will meet boys and girls and probably think that they will be your BFF for the rest of your life, but I catch myself saying, "high school happened" when I am explaining why me and so-and-so are friends anymore. So, if you just keep on keeping on with your friend choices then not only will you have a great high school year, but you will be surrounded by the best people.

3. Do not change.

This is a big one for me. When I figured I was losing friends for some reason, I would literally change myself to keep them or gain more. This one hit me like a truck because I started to change at my house- treating my family different and my other friends different. This also includes to not fall into pressure.

4. Join!

Join groups. Biggest one is leadership. This is where you help the community, and the school. You find more friends, as in number 2. People will know who you are and it will get you out of your comfort zone. I loved it because all I did was laugh and have fun. You get to be part of an amazing group, and why wouldn't you want that?

5. People do not care.

Wear what you want. The first couple of months or even weeks, you'll will promise yourself to dress up every day but don't kid yourself. The more you get into the year, your outfit of the day will become less and less stylish. Be friends with the "weird" people. You need to go sit next to the one kid that looks lonely or that looks like they need a good smile or laugh. If you’re considered the "cool kid" then all your "cool" friends will see you, that attitude will reflect on them, and they will do the same.

6. Do not worry.

Do not cry over that boy or girl. Do not stress about that one girl giving you that look, or that weird boy laugh at you. I think that high school relationships are stupid. As I read one day, that either you will break up with them or marry them. I'm not saying don't get in relationships, but don't do stupid stuff if your significant other wants you to do something for them. EX: Don't get that matching tattoo that you think it’s the cutest and smartest thing ever.

7. High School Musical

HSM is not what high school is like at all. No one stands on tables and sings about sticking to your status quo, or bopping to the top, but there will be a Troy Bolton or a Sharpey Evans type of person.

8. Stay off of social media as much as you can.

If someone looks like they are having the best year via social media either, one, they aren't and they are just good at covering up or two, they actually are. Social media networks will ruin friendships. You'll tweet something and one of your friends will think it’s about them but hey, if the shoe fits,wear it.

9. Hallways

This is pretty simple. If you drive, treat the hallways like a road. Walk on the right side of the hallways. People will pass you because you are walking too slow, but don't get offended because they are probably late somewhere. Stop for people. If you know that someone isn't paying attention and it looks like both of you will run into each other, then stop or slow down to let them go.

10. You can do it.

Get out there and kill it. Go out there and look like you know what you’re doing even if you don't. Put your nose in the air and be confident in what you do. Middle school teachers make high school look like a prison from hell. It’s not. Teachers (some) will give you extra deadlines, or let you turn in your work late (for points off). Also, you will not write in pen or cursive EVERY piece of work you turn in.

11. You will glo up.

Glo-up- A twist of the phrase "grow up", referring to a person's incredible transformation. This is usually based on increase of style and self-confidence. Freshman year, you'll probably think you’re hot, then when you get to senior year you'll look back and think, "what was I thinking?" So if you’re at that stage of I’m ugly, I’m fat... be patient. Puberty will hit you like a truck.

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