6 Ways To Grab Your Mental Health Issues By The Balls

6 Ways To Grab Your Mental Health Issues By The Balls

It's the little things that count

Ever feel like you’re going to pee yourself almost every other minute when you’re at work or are suffocated by social anxiety and it gets worse when you’re forced to interact with fellow human beings? Or how about completely squashed by depression when you can’t leave your own bed because the cinder block is beyond what you can lift? Fear not for you are not alone, and I am sharing my six favorite techniques to conquer your mental health disorder like a badass and to take control like a boss!

1. Take Your Meds RELIGIOUSLY

No matter what, make sure you take your meds and if you forget, call up your local pharmacy for advice. If you’re going to be out all day and won't be able to go back and forth, I recommend putting your meds in an empty pill bottle ahead of time and you'll be set to go!

2. Watch Something Absolutely Ludicrous and Hysterical

Remember to make it so funny that your tears of laughter reap the seeds while your tears of pain merely dry on the ground.

3. Self Deprecating Humor Is a Medicine That You Don't Need Covered by Insurance

So utilize that! Life isn't so serious after all!

4. Masturbate

I'm not kidding. It's a proven stress reliever and also good exercise... I mean, if you hate the gym but need the endorphins, why not use what you have on hand? *pun intended*

5. Eat Dark Chocolate

This is another proven medicine that adds more fun to the experience beyond the pill and simple water.


We aren't perfect. We will never be anything but who we were meant to be. And of course, it's so easy to compare yourself to every other single person who appears to be perfect in the eyes of society, but what makes that "perfection" any different from the perfection you already embody? I hope this list can help and inspire whoever is reading, and just remember that you're never alone and there is no shame in whatever disorder you've been blessed with!

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Reflections From the Outside World

It doesn’t get better unless you work for it

It has been exactly one month since I was released from the psych ward, but don’t worry… I’m not here to tell all of you struggling with mental health problems that it gets better overnight, because it doesn’t. Nothing will get better if you don’t work for it.

If all you do is lay in bed and let your depression swallow your life, it will not get better. If you let your anxiety take over your life to where you cannot leave your house, it will not get better. You need to work for it. More often than not, working for it means accepting that you may need medication. For me personally, medication has been the only thing that has allowed me to have any sort of balance in my life.

Looking back, I am so grateful for my stay at the hospital. I am not ashamed of it nor will I ever be. I am stronger than ever and now realize that my mental health will always take priority over school, work, relationships, friendships, etc.

I’m not here to tell you that throughout the time I’ve been off and on medication that my life has been amazing, because that’s not true. Of course you will have bad days, days where getting out of bed seems impossible, or days where you just feel lost and out of it.

Metaphorically, Depression is similar to a person and their shadow. On some days it feels like you are inside a dim room and your shadow (the depression) is nowhere to be seen. However, there are days where you feel like you are outside on a bright sunny day and your shadow follows you everywhere.

You will have those days and that's completely okay. Just remember on those days to do your best and realize that the next day is a completely new day where you can completely start over.

To those who have experienced inpatient care, Remember all of the feelings you had while you were doing the inpatient. Remember the calmness of the environment, the feelings of understanding from the other patients, the feeling of safety and security from the demons inside your brain. Try to give yourself all of those feelings. Make yourself feel understood, calm, safe, wanted, and loved. Many times we do not see ourselves as spiraling downwards until we are so deep in the hole that it is too late to find a ladder to get out. Do not stop working on yourself; your mental health is always a priority over everything. Sometimes you need to fight yourself for your own life.

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For Those Who Struggle With Forgiveness

Give yourself a break.

What is forgiveness?

Seems like a simple question. According to Merriam-Webster, to forgive is to “cease to feel resentment against (an offender).” And for most of my life, that is what I have allowed myself to believe.

Forgiveness is simply the act of letting something go. As I’ve learned over the past couple years, though, to truly forgive someone involves something much deeper and more enlightening than that. It involves trust, one of the most necessary and wholly human emotions that we can feel. It also has a different definition for each person, which defines itself by that individual’s personality and standards.

Forgiveness, for me, is much more intense than simply “letting it go.” Forgiveness can only begin when I allow myself to become vulnerable after a traumatic break in trust, trust that may have been building for a long time. It means making a conscious decision to love and allow for trust again.

But forgiveness for me has not only been between me and others. A lot of my year has comprised of learning how to forgive myself. Easier said than done, right?

People make mistakes. A defining character of humanity is that we are not, nor will we ever be, perfect. I’ve always been the type of person who is hyper-critical of myself, especially in the mistakes I make and how I deal with them. So, when I did screw up, it became harder and harder to forgive myself.

But as I find myself growing as a person, I have also found myself to be more understanding and empathetic to my own feelings. I have found it much more empowering to take my mistakes and turn them into an experience, one that I can learn and grow from.

You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be forgiven, and you deserve to forgive. Allow yourself to take your mistakes and empathize with your own emotions and reasons.

In today’s society, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of attempting to be perfect. It seems that there is such a deep stigma attached to the idea of flaws, thereby forcing us to see mistakes as a reason for ridicule. Instead, see them as a means of growth, learn from it, and move on with your beautiful, blessed life.

Give yourself a damn break, you deserve it.

Cover Image Credit: Lina Trochez

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