Six Unlikable TV Characters
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6 TV Characters That Make Me Unreasonably Angry

Did we even need Ross?

6 TV Characters That Make Me Unreasonably Angry

I really do love Odyssey. I have never been able to shove my opinions down people's throats in listicle form before. Here are some TV characters that I think need to be knocked down a peg.

1. Ross Geller, obviously


This is probably going to be the most popular one, and my shortest explanation. I just hate the guy. Ross is incredibly annoying. He has his good moments, but they're far outweighed by how much he complains and starts his "woe is me" routine. Get healthy coping mechanisms, Ross.

2. Serena van der Woodsen

TV Show: Gossip Girl

Look, I know she's struggled, but everything always seems to work out for her. Serena's life is one big deus ex machina. I've only seen four seasons of Gossip Girl (mainly because Serena annoys me so much), but she's more annoying than endearing to me. There is nothing about Serena that makes her relatable, even if the writers try. Everyone loves her. Her problems get resolved faster than any other character.

If your character is already a teenage millionaire, there has to be something there that makes viewers want to relate to her, not just be her. She needs realistic flaws! Being so hot that multiple guys throw themselves at you and send you into a panic is not a flaw! Also, I hate how she mumbled her way through every scene. That's just a personal thing (as if this whole article isn't a personal thing) Blair Waldorf did it better, always.

3. The Redhead From How I Met Your Mother

I didn't want to Google her name, so I just trudged through HIMYM gifs until I found her.

I don't even know her name. I watched a season of this show in full and skipped around the other episodes. I truly did not get the point of her character. All she did was be hypocritical, selfish and nag Marshall. She also left him (and all of their mutual friends) behind to pursue her art career in some other city. When she came back, she expected everything to be normal, as if the world was on hold for her. She's like the 18 year old that wants to "find himself" before settling down, except she is a fully grown engaged woman. She also loved to give unsolicited, bad advice. The actress is pretty good though; I thought she was funny in American Pie.

4. Jackson Whittemore

TV Show: Teen Wolf

You know I had to put this show on here. Jackson was the definition of a WASP. He was also mean, conceited, and had way too much pride. We got that iconic "juice" interaction out of him, at least. He did have some family trauma, though, which I can appreciate.

Teen Wolf Season 2 spoilers beyond this point, if you're watching it for some reason

I know he wasn't consciously killing people as the Kanima, but the fact that he even turned into one shows his true nature: a literal snake. I know he redeemed himself at the end of Season 2, turned into a werewolf, and moved to London, but I still hate him. He was hot though.

5. Colin Jost

Ugh. TV Show: Saturday Night Live

Technically he's a real person, but he's on SNL so it counts. What a smug little man. I don't know who made him head writer, but it's not doing anything for the show. I don't even know how to classify his humor. It's like he tries to be edgy but can't do it right. Nothing he says makes any sort of point or commentary. Again, I can't see how someone saw these qualities in him and thought, "He'd be perfect for SNL!"

Jost and co-head writer Michael Che have made "Weekend Update" skippable for the first time in years. Colin also looks like he's the default setting for a man, if that makes sense. Just the blandest looking dude on TV. I also feel like if you met him in person, he'd try to work in the fact that he went to Harvard into the conversation. Stay away from me, Colin Jost.

6. Roy

TV Show: The Office

He's another character that got better as the show went on, but I could never really see past how he treated Pam initially. He was emotionally unavailable, possessive, selfish, and couldn't control his temper. I'm pretty sure the writers just had Roy to be an obstacle for Jim, which is why he was Stereotypical Bad Boyfriend for so long. I mean, it worked.

Pam is the sweetest one in the whole show; she definitely didn't deserve what Roy put her through. Even when he tried to be a better boyfriend, he failed because he was so selfish. He could never see past what he wanted, and Pam's happiness never came first. I'm glad he got some form of redemption, but men (even fictional ones) who treat their significant others that poorly don't do it for me.

I know these are just fictional characters and it's never that deep, but I wanted to write something light after last week's piece about friendship. I want to know if you agree or disagree with any of the people on this list! Leave a comment or reach out to me on Instagram.

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