Six Selfies You've Definitely Put On Snapchat
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Six Selfies You've Definitely Put On Snapchat

I've seen you snap some pictures of yourself; don't deny it!

Six Selfies You've Definitely Put On Snapchat
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For those of us who have Snapchat, within minutes of initially downloading the app we were able to realize just how addicting snapping our friends or putting pictures on our Stories really is. I hate having my pictures taken arguably more than anyone in the entire world, but yet somehow when I go on Snapchat and send a picture of myself to my friends, it's the most liberating and enjoyable thing. I don't know if I'll ever stop.

In the weeks that I've been off on winter break, I've had a lot of time to look at people's Stories (from the comfort of my bed). After longingly staring at the delicious meals some of them have been eating in Europe, or being jealous of the gorgeous beaches where some of them tan all day, I have come to two conclusions: (1) I need to get out of the house more, and (2) so many people use the SAME selfies when they post. While I'm sure there are hundreds of "categories" of selfies that people world-wide use every day, here are just a few that I have seen most frequently from my contacts (and that I myself indulge in sometimes, too!).

1. The "My-Makeup-Looks-Flawless" Selfie

You know the one. Where your brows are curved just right, your cheekbones could cut glass, and your highlight looks like heaven is shining down directly onto your face. You know that lighting won't last forever, so you better take advantage and WORK.

2. The Animal Filter Selfie

So cute! So many options! So many ways to use them! Just got out of bed but want to send bae a cute snap? Dog filter. Snapping your mom but want to hide your new nose ring? Cat filter. The limit of how or why you want to use the filter does not exist, so use away!

3. The Drunken Selfie (with friends of course!)

Okay, so Ashley Benson probably isn't drunk in this snap, but she captures the motif perfectly anyway. Hold a cup, maybe do a duck face, put a weird caption with extra letters and/or misspellings, and you're all set. You look popular and ready to have a good time. What more could you ask for?


4. The "Look-At-This-Delicious-[insert food here]" Selfie

You could make yourself look like the healthiest person ever. You could make people salivate over the fast food deliciousness that's sitting next to you in the car. Or, you make some joke about "adulting" or being a "chef." The food selfie is perfect for so many occasions! (PS: Props to Chrissy Teigen for using two selfie techniques in one. A true master of the art of Snapchat)

5. The "Are-You-Jealous-Of-Where-I-Am-Right-Now?" Selfie

Yes, Reese Witherspoon, I am jealous of your vacation. And I'm jealous for my friends who went to Ghana. And Barcelona. And Dublin. And California...really anywhere outside of the cold weather in New England, tbqh. Use this selfie and people will be wanting to be you until the end of eternity.

6. The Pity-Party Selfie

Getting your wisdom teeth out sucks. Going to a family reunion on a Saturday night also sucks. Thank God Snapchat is there to ease the pain. What more could you ask for than wallowing in self-deprication? The perfect remedy!

What selfie techniques do you use when snapping? Add them in the comments below!

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