If you clicked on this link to read about models being transformed into terrifying creatures with makeup and other various tools, I hate to tell you but you will be sadly disappointed. If you clicked on this link because you found two people getting their faces surgically removed and exchanged, you're in luck! I am honestly a little embarrassed to say I only saw the movie "Face/Off" for the first time the other day. Although I was so impressed that I am going to prove to everyone in six reasons why it is the greatest movie of all time.

1. Nicolas Cage. 'Nuff said.

If you do not love Nicolas Cage, click off this post right now and watch or re-watch any movie he has every been in and get back with me. You can not NOT love his acting and his facial expression that never changes. "Face/Off" actually shows Mr. Cage showing more emotion than I believe I have seen in any other movie he has ever been in. I don't care what anyone says, I think he's pretty darn attractive in this movie as well.

2. John Travolta's Butt Chin

I like to think of John Travolta's chin as a car accident or a deep wound; It's horrible but you just can't stop staring. "That's so shallow! Would you want someone picking on one of your flaws like this?" If I made millions (billions?) of dollars every year I would welcome someone into my home just to tell me about how much they didn't like my chin. And hey, it's all in good fun, even he jokes about his chin in the movie!

3. "I can eat a peach for hours"

I was absolutely hooked on this movie from the first fifteen minutes (which is saying something because this movie is OVER two hours of pure amazingness). Nicolas Cage's character was cocky, evil and just plain dirty--and I loved it. His comments were the perfect amount of awkward and hilarious.

4. Come on... face transferring?

Sometimes some things are just so dumb that they become amazing. Like taking your face off, sticking it in some solution to perserve it for the time being and then putting on another person's face instead. Who thought up this stuff? The greatest part is they actually managed to make it seem somewhat (I said SOMEWHAT) legit.

5. That acting, though!

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to really get into a character and act as well as they did. Now imagine having to get comfortable enough with a character to portray it will then having to do the COMPLETELY opposite so soon after. It's even possible that they had to switch between the two frequently since they do not film the movie in the same order it plays. Kudos guys!

6. That famous smile

No words, just proof.