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The Best 6X9 Car Speakers Tips

When installing the best 6X9 car speakers, drivers expect top sound quality. But apart from upgrading the standard speakers, there are many other steps which can be considered to further improve sound quality. It is why there are a few solutions which can work well, especially in the conditions in which the speakers are of high quality. In simple terms, 6x9 car speakers come with a height of 6 inches and a width of 9 inches. Their sound quality can be impressive. But the following steps can further improve the sound quality.

The Best 6X9 Car Speakers Tips

Use high-quality music files

It is known that high-quality music files immediately improve the sound quality of the speakers. If the sound quality is not at its best from radio stations, it can be vastly superior when playing music from an MP3 player. When using various files on the player, as little compression as possible is recommended in order to maintain proper sound quality. Good speakers really make the most out of these files and they can be played directly from a memory drive.

Use deadening material

Just like in music studios, deadening material is recommended for the highest sound quality. When sound travels it bounces off different objects which can be plastic or metal inside the car. If the speakers are placed in the door panel, there needs to be deadening material there as well. Since the car vibrates from the road surface, so do the speakers and this can decrease the sound quality.

Use an amplifier

In some cases, 6X9 car speakers can be used together with a subwoofer or other types of speakers. Using a car amplified can be a good idea in order to get an improved sound. Apart from raising the watts, a car amplifier will also come with clearer sound, which can be seen as a major improvement.

Use high-quality audio cables


Amplifier cables or simple data transfer cables can significantly reduce sound quality. It is recommended to invest in quality cables which can work with all types of sound equipment, include for subwoofers or amplifiers. HD patch cables are known to be among the best options for this reason. Even if they are not the most affordable, they certainly represent top options for most cars.


The best 6X9 speakers with deep bass or without deep bass immediately improve sound quality inside the car. They are always seen as a worthy upgrade from standard speakers as one of the last concerns of car manufacturers is offering good quality speakers. But in some cases, simply upgrading these standard speakers might not be enough. It is why the tips above can be applied for a more whole experience, where the audio system is dealing with from a large perspective. With better dampening and better quality cables, the sound quality inside the car can only improve. Furthermore, it is also worth considering adding a car subwoofer to bring the bottom octave to life as well.

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