To The Sisters I Never Had, But Now Do

To The Sisters I Never Had, But Now Do

During my life, I didn't have any sisters. It all changed when I turned fourteen and I couldn't be any happier!

Sabrina Wood

To the sisters I never had but now do,

I am so happy that you have been a part of my life ever since you kindly invited me into your family. My life before was not the easiest, especially being the only child. You helped ease my pain by giving me the emotional and physical support that I needed to get through this tough time. I know it took some getting used to for all of us but almost nine years later it has been better than ever! I would have never thought that I would get this amazing opportunity to have two amazing sisters and to be in a supportive family like I am now, and I don't think anyone knows how eternally grateful I am.

Mackenzie, you are my oldest sister and I look up to you so much. You are such a hardworking and powerful soul. You kick ass in anything you do and always power through any hardship. I appreciate the days we can talk, and how easily you can give me advice on problems you have already encountered. When I first moved in with you we were very close, getting our nails done together and having lunch dates. I remember when you would take Bailey and me to the mall with you, even though you didn't want to. You are a very selfless person who will help anyone when they need it. You let me move in with you when I couldn't find a place in time. It was a hard time for both of us because it was such a change but I think that it made our relationship stronger in the end. I appreciate how strong you are, you have gone through so many troubles and you are still standing strong and living life. I hope that I am as hard working, dedicated, and as tough as you are now later in my life. You give me the willpower to do so. I thank the universe every day that I was able to have a sister as amazing as you.

Bailey, my spirit animal, you are such a crazy and amazing person! When I came into this family we had a lot of hard times, but now that we are older I have never found any other person that understands me as much as you do. You except me for the person that I am and I love that that's how you are towards any other person you meet in life as well. You are so strong and can overcome any obstacle that is in your way. You make life your b!tch, and never care what anyone else thinks about you. You are the one who taught me to just be yourself and flip off the person who doesn't like you or appreciate what you have to give. You taught me how to stand up for myself and not take any s#!t.

You are such a free spirit and that is what I admire most about you. I love the things you stand for, from yoga to adventures and to you moving when you know that you have more in life to offer. I love how spirited you are and how you can teach me more about myself than I know. I want you to know that I live vicariously through you, supporting everything you do and wanting you to grow and blossom from the beautiful soul you are now. You have so much to show people and I hope people appreciate you as much as I do because you are one amazing woman. (Crying in the club rn)

I hope that every person experiences a love as I have. Whether it be having sisters, brothers or friends that are powerful enough to help you in life. They are always your number one supporters and will always be there for you. They will always be by your side playing the game of life with you. I am so blessed that I have two amazing sisters that show me this every day. Even if they are far away our spirits will never be parted; a love like this is never going to be broken in a million years. Just know I love you guys and everything you do for me doesn't go unnoticed.

Love your sister for life,


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