"My Sister And I" -- Nietzsche Or Not?

In January of 1889, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche suffered a mental breakdown in Turin, Italy. As the story goes, he witnessed a horse being flogged in the streets, ran over to embrace the animal and collapsed. He was then placed in an insane asylum in Jena and never wrote again.

This is at least the narrative that is generally accepted about the life of Nietzsche. However, it may be wrong.

According to Dr. Walter Stewart, Nietzsche can be credited with the autobiographical "My Sister and I," which he supposedly wrote during his time in the asylum. While most consider it to be a fraud, Dr. Stewart maintains the book's authenticity. If true, "My Sister and I" would have substantial implications about Nietzsche's life and greatly expands upon his thought. Join us in conversation as we discuss the history, content and status of what may Nietzsche's lost work.

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