As you were a toddler, she was born. You grew up fighting and battling but at some point all that changed. At that point, she grew to be the closest friend you could ever have.

1. "Wow, you two look a lot alike."

Bobbie Hall

It's something you hear a lot. You look like twins to some, but others question if you're even related.

2. You speak the same thing at the same time. 

A friend asks a question and you each answer at the same time. They definitely weren't expecting that.

3. She steals your clothes whenever humanly possible.

Bobbie Hall

And she has never ever washed them or put them back where she found them.

4. When you're sad and she's not around, you go to her room and wait until she's home. 

You might send a text: "Pls come home. I'm sad."

5. It seems like everything unspoken is still understood.

Bobbie Hall

It's not necessary to talk before she knows how you're feeling. Just one look gives it all away.

6. You play-fight for 3 minutes, and someone ALWAYS gets hurt. 

Your mom told you this would happen, but you didn't listen again.

7. Her friends have become your friends, too.

Bobbie Hall

When you invite her to Chipotle, you make sure they know they can come too.

8. She's kinda your sister, kinda your daughter, kinda your best friend.

Bobbie Hall

The relationship is a little messy but you know that neither of you would make it without the other.

9. You have your own language. 

Any significant others must learn it if they want any chance of understanding what you're saying when you're together

10. You don't tell her you love her nearly enough.

Bobbie Hall

But you do love her, dearly.

Sister, I love you.