New Year's Eve Countdown: Singles Edition

10:30 P.M.

First things first, you're a hero for going to a party at all. Until now, winter break has allowed you to successfully avoid the majority of people from your high school and you know that this party is a minefield of inevitable fake hello's and those oh-so interesting chats about your major. But like I said, you're here, and you rock. It's okay that the main reason why you even came is because you were horrified at your alternative plans without this party: watching the clock strike midnight in the corner of your computer screen and having your cat be your first kiss of 2017. No, instead you rose to the occasion and kindly asked your social anxiety to take the night off.

11:15 P.M.

As you walk farther into the party, try not to point and count how many couples there are, they get scared easily. That's not why you're here anyway. You came to this party because, like the rest of the world, 2016 didn't make you feel so shiny and new. You might've flaked on a resolution or two, you thought you were living in a real world version of The Hunger Games during the Presidential election, or you might've had your heart broken and now your ex has someone else to kiss at midnight. But is that really such a terrible thing? (Okay if I'm being honest, yeah it feels like the end of the world, but I'm working on this whole positivity thing so just go with me here). Being single on New Years Eve or on Valentines Day or any other holiday that weirdly demands a kiss from people, doesn't mean that you're not good enough to get one. Even though it seems like it, those holidays don't exist to make single people feel bad, that's just a lucky coincidence.

11:45 P.M.

Okay now let's get back to this party. It's getting late and even though you told yourself you wouldn't, you're scanning the room trying to find someone to give you a peck in 15 minutes. Yes, you could kiss your former classmate that's had a crush on you since 10th grade, but what if they cling on for dear life after the deed is done? That would be much worse than not getting kissed and you know it. Your other option isn't looking so great either, they're a friend of a friend and they haven't looked up from their phone all night. Even if they do kiss you, as soon as you're done they'll be double tapping on Instagram instead of clinking your glass of champagne. Not very festive if you ask me.

11:55 P.M.

You're starting to accept your fate. Maybe it just wasn't in the cards this year, maybe the New Year's Eve gods are setting up your date with Zac Efron in 2018 at this very moment. Or, maybe not.

11:59 P.M. (30 seconds until midnight)

Just close your eyes and when you open them, it'll be a new year. It'll be day one of 365 and for a brief moment of time, it will be a year where nothing has gone wrong. You haven't broken a resolution, you won't have to watch a Presidential debate, and no one has broken your heart. You're free to make this year what you want it to be. Whether or not 2017 will bring you someone special by the end of it, you'll have to wait and see.

Just remember, if you don't get kissed tonight, it's not the's just the beginning.

12:00 A.M.

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