I have been living the single life for over a year now, and I am loving every second of it, but sometimes it can be a little lonely- always being surrounded by couples all the time. I have learned through this that you need to love yourself before you start opening up to a complete stranger again. What I have learned through my past relationships is a lot of patience and a lot of compromise.

Being single is not always awful because you are not tied down just to one person, and you are entitled to a lot of freedom. It changes you as person and there is always a part of me that wants that satisfaction of a significant other who is a companion, and to be there for me no matter what circumstances.

I've learned that I am also an independent young woman who also doesn't need a man to shape who I am as person today, because I have loyal friends who always have my back. So sometimes I learned that being single is not that bad I just need to surround myself with people who make it better and worth it to be in my life everyday who are awesome and positive people.

I know that my time will come when the person that I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life will come but for now I am enjoying the company of me myself and I and that is best company that I will ever have.