When I tell you I grew up the most disorganized person on this planet, I'm only slightly exaggerating. I was the worst. My mom even made up the flattering term "dismorganized" for her messy disaster of a daughter. I can't make this stuff up. (My name is Morgan for those of you who didn't pick up on the corny ~mom pun~).

But, good news mom, after years and years I've finally got things under control. I've figured out some helpful practices that really work to keep me at ease and on time, and want to share them in hopes of helping someone like the old me out!

Here are 15 simple, daily practices I've found to make a difference:

1. Phone Background To-Do List

To-Do List

Type your daily, prioritized to-do list into your Notes app (or on Instagram using the Type feature if you want to be extra and make it pretty) and then screenshot it and set it as your background. This way you're reminded all day without alarms going off and can easily update your list.

2. Dependable Wallet

Get yourself a wallet that zips up and has lots of pockets. Make sure it's big and colorful enough to be able to find in your bag, ladies. Make sure it's small enough to fit in your pockets, my dudes. My first ~big girl wallet~ changed my life and I'm not even being dramatic.

3. Rolled Clothes 

Organized Drawer

Roll your clothes up in your drawers or luggage instead of folding them. This lets you see a glimpse of all of your options when you open your drawer and keeps them from creasing where they've been folded.

4. Hung Clothes

Better yet, I like to use hanging racks instead of drawers when I can. This way, you can see all of your options to more quickly create an outfit, and you can definitely keep wrinkles off your clothes. Ironing is a pain - don't waste time on it.

5. Extra Morning Minutes

Cup of Coffee

Wake up even just a few minutes earlier to do your hair, skin, or makeup routine. Enjoy a cup of coffee. You'll feel more collected and confident throughout your day if your morning isn't rushed.

6. Calendar Planner

A planner will significantly improve your organization. It helps my memory so much to write things down and cross things out in a paper planner. Personally, I like to use pencil rather than pen so that I can adjust my plans and keep my writing neat.

7. Nighttime 10-Second Tidy

Messy Purse

Before bed every night, briefly pick up your room AND your purse, bag or backpack. Go in there with a Clorox wipe. Go crazy.

8. Car Trash Can

Car trash goes in a bag or car trash can... not on the floor. You'll be surprised how much junk adds up if you don't do this for even just a week.

9. Keychain


Put a large keychain or fun, bright lanyard on your keys. Don't leave those little keys lonely, they'll be 10 times more difficult to find in your purse.

10. Cord Pocket

Your headphones and phone cord get their own pocket in your purse, bag, or backpack. They deserve it. They're high maintenance lil' things.

11. Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Meal prepping even just the smallest amount can save you stress and time in the long run. Always have something ready to go in case plans rearrange and you don't have time to cook or dine out.

12. Nighttime Outfit Prep

Lay tomorrow's outfit out before bed. Can't decide? Lay options out. This not only saves time but saves you from trying outfits on and throwing rejected options around your room that you'll have to spend time cleaning later.

13. Sticky Notes

Sticky Note

Before leaving in the morning, leave a sticky note/s on your car dashboard, bathroom mirror, bedroom door, or wherever you think you'll notice when you get home to remind yourself of what you want to accomplish before bed.

14. Always Have Extras

When it comes to things you rely on, always have backups. Keep extra cash in your glove compartment in case you forget your purse. Keep extra headphones in your car in case you forget yours on the way to the gym. This will keep you calm, cool, and collected in a bind.

15. Key Hook

Key Hook
How many times have you timed your exit perfectly just to realize you have no idea where you left your keys? Keep your keys on a mounted key hook by your door. You'll thank yourself.