Simple Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Actually Love And Appreciate
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10 SIMPLE Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Actually Love And Appreciate

You don't have to spend a lot of money to give your girlfriend something that she will love.

10 SIMPLE Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Actually Love And Appreciate

A lot of guys have the false assumption that girls are these complicated and complex beings who they have to spend hundreds of dollars on in order to impress. NO! It is actually SO much more simple than all of you gentlemen believe it is. We do not expect you to give us the whole world, just a little portion of it.

I'm kidding. We are pretty simple to make happy, and little things will easily do the trick! Yes, certain occasions sometimes call for more elaborate and expensive gifts, but most of the time, we would rather have the small, thoughtful items that we can use in our everyday lives. We would rather know that you put THOUGHT into the gift that you are about to give us, rather than just dropped a bunch of money on something that you assumed we wanted because it was expensive.

Fuzzy Socks

Head on over to the dollar store and buy your girl some fun fuzzy socks. She may not wear them in public (or she might, I do occasionally), but she will DEFINITELY wear them around the house when she is lounging around! I know what you may be thinking gentlemen — NO! It does NOT have to be Christmas time to buy your girl some fuzzy socks. There is no gift more comfortable than a nice pair of fuzzy socks, no matter what time of year it may be!

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I LOVE my scrunchies. I have them in many different colors and patterns. Scrunchies are making a comeback! They are NOT just a thing of the past any longer! If your girlfriend has long hair, grab her some scrunchies next time you are out and about! They do not pull on your hair, and they are so much more comfortable than regular ponytail holders. Buy her some cute colored scrunchies!

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"Bitches love flowers" — Noah from Vine

Even little Noah knows that a way to a girl's heart is through flowers. Flowers cost about $7 at Walmart; come on guys, what are you waiting for? Buy your girl a nice bouquet of daisies, sunflowers, or roses. You can NEVER go wrong getting your girl some flowers (unless she is allergic, then stay away from flowers). It is a simple gift that she will love and display.


Diamonds truly are a girl's best friend, but you do not have to jump to this extreme just yet! Jewelry can be a simple way to show your girl that you love her. This is a go-to gift that many men already know that women love. While this category ranges in price, there are options such as Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, and even little local boutiques that have beautiful pieces that will not cost you an arm and a leg!

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Teddy Bears

This may sound silly, but no matter how old your girlfriend is, she will adore a stuffed animal that you buy for her. More than likely (Even if she denies it or doesn't tell you), she will sleep with it every night that you are apart. Stuffed animals are used to calm children when they are young, but the same concept applies for girlfriends. Sometimes we are babies. Sometimes we miss you. Sometimes we need a little cuddle from a stuffed animal that you gave to us.

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Okay, so this one is a TAD more complicated than the others, but it can work! My boyfriend recently bought me a fish for my birthday, and it is one of the most special presents that I have ever received. Girls love animals! Whether you want to go big and adopt a puppy/kitten together or stay small and adopt a hamster or fish, your girlfriend will adore this new pet and think of you every time she sees her new friend.

Succulents and mini cacti

Personally, I am OBSESSED with the small succulent plants and miniature cacti. They are very cheap to buy from a nursery and SUPER easy to care for and maintain! They add a little green life to every room and they radiate joy. I promise if you show up to her place with a miniature cactus, she will be one excited, happy girlfriend.

Candles, bubble bath, and lotions

Bath and Body Works sells the best three wick candles, and there is a scent for everyone! Girls love candles, baths, and lotions. I promise if you put together a little spa basket for her, she will never forget it! This is so simple to do, but will appear as though you put a lot of thought into this gift! Find out if she has a favorite scent and stock her up on bubble bath, body wash, lotions, and you can even throw in a $1 face mask and she will love you forever.

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Something that has a special meaning between the two of you

Everyone relationship has little things that are special and unique to their particular relationship. If your girlfriend told you once upon a time that she LOVES butterflies, buy her a butterfly keychain! If she is a chocolate FANATIC, go out and get a little basket of chocolate for her! If she is OBSESSED with art, buy her a local artists' painting! Little things that show us you care and you are thinking about us mean so much. Show her that you know her well and that you listen to her!

Your time

Ultimately, the number one thing that most girlfriends CRAVE is your time! We really just love you and want you to be around us as often as we can have you. When you spend time with us, it is the greatest gift that you could give to us because you are the person who we want to share memories, time, and adventures with. This costs you guys NOTHING! (But don't get us wrong, we also love flowers and the above-listed items too!)

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