10 Ways To Silence Stress And Awaken Your Happiest, Healthiest Self
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10 Ways To Silence Stress And Awaken Your Happiest, Healthiest Self

How to have peace in a constantly moving world.

10 Ways To Silence Stress And Awaken Your Happiest, Healthiest Self
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In our world today, things are constantly moving. There are always 124 things going on at once and inevitably, after a while, your brain gets really freaking stressed out trying to process all this information going on, trying to plan for the future, evaluate the past, and get 12 things done at the same time. Sometimes, you just need to breathe, chill, and remember that you’re not truly living life if you’re not living in the moment.

So, this list will help our insanely busy and complicated world seem a little more bearable. These are all ways to silence your stress, and embrace your most happy, confident, and at-peace self.

1. Working out is a huge energy and wellness boost, physically and emotionally.

It instantly releases good endorphins and helps you get all that unnecessary stress out of your life. Plus, you leave feeling more confident and happy with yourself. Setting a daily workout routine will be a constant mood booster and stress reliever, as well as a way to stay fit and confident!

2. Meditating and mindfulness give rest to your soul.

Some are skeptical about mediating, but I’m telling you, with all the thoughts going on in our head the best way to chill out and just feel simple peace is to breathe. Even if it’s just a minute a day, putting aside all your thoughts, worries, and tasks and just being in the moment and focusing on your breath.

Along with this, mindfulness is essential to your well-being. It is so easy to just go through the motions of your everyday schedule, but by being mindful, we are able to embrace the life around us to our full extent, and simply be aware of our physical state.

3. Getting out of your comfort zone can be extremely terrifying but also extremely rewarding.

It can get a little boring doing the same things, day after day. Take risks, get out and explore things out of your comfort zone. Join a club or go skydiving or something. Whatever works for you, because it might be terrifying at first, but what would be the fun in it if it weren’t? Meet new people, try new foods, and surround yourself with different cultures.

4. Embrace your pets… especially your dogs.

Dogs were a gift from God and they literally live to make you happy. So don’t take your pets for granted. Love on them, let them love on you, and simply let them give you joy and happiness.

5. Laugh more, worry less.

Sometimes, we take life wayyy too seriously. Simply laughing it off when things just don’t go your way instead of letting it bring you down will take soo much weight off your shoulders. Enjoy the little things, and embrace your sarcastic side. It goes a long way.

6. Sleep… sleep… and more sleep.

Your body can’t function right when you don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is the best medicine for a happy, healthier self. So get your eight hours in, and take some bomb naps when you’re tired, because, let's face it, when you’re tired life is sooo much less enjoyable and you aren’t your best you.

7. Get Inspired and take action.

Set goals for yourself with what inspires you, goals for your future, your career, and your personal self. Find what you want and work towards it, constantly moving towards that final goal.

8. Do what makes you happy; spend time with yourself doing what you love.

Whether it's writing, art, music, or just simply binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, give yourself time to do what you love. It will make you more aware of who you are, and more comfortable in your own skin.

9. Embrace your religion.

Having hope in your God gives you hope when everything seems to be falling to pieces. Be faithful in what you believe in, and rely on God to help you through what life puts in front of you.

10. Surround yourself with good vibes and happy people.

The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our mood and perspectives. Being around good people and good vibes will rub off on you and make you an overall happier person. So stay away from negativity, and indulge yourself in positivity.

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