8 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached A New Milestone

Whether it’s your roommate, your soulmate, or some guy you let sleep on your couch sometimes, these are a few signs your relationship has already reached the next level.

1.They don’t close the door to the bathroom when using it.

2. They toot in front of you.

3. They tell you you have something in your teeth and then reach to get it out for you.

4. They don’t wear makeup around you.

5. They watch you pop zits (if they offer to pop them for you, you’ve reached a whole new level of comfort).

6. They tell you their phone/computer password.

7. You become friends with the person’s family and somehow get all their numbers


8. You start to share things: food, deodorant, toothbrush, and so on.

This one you really gotta be in it for the long haul for … I mean, who shares a thing that goes on your pits or in the mouth of someone they don’t like?

Congratulations. You’ve reached ultimate romance/friendship/brotherhood.

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