My little sister and I are at the point in our life where we accept who is the favorite child. Growing up, it was apparent Emma was the favorite child. I was mouthy, stubborn, and never wanted to listen. Emma was the sweet and loving child. I accepted that Emma was the favorite. But now as we are older, it is very apparent that I am the favorite child. Emma has even accepted it. The roles have switched, and now Emma gets to sit back and watch me shine as number one daughter. Here are signs that you could also be your parent’s favorite child:

  1. A parent tells you that you are their favorite child.
  2. When something goes wrong, you are no longer blamed.
  3. Your parents brag more about you than your siblings.
  4. You have never been grounded.
  5. You never leave the house, so your parents know where you are at all the time.
  6. There are more pictures of you around the house.
  7. Your parents cherish your baby book.
  8. Your parents started a baby book for your little sister, but ended up filling their baby book with your pictures.
  9. Your parents did not lose your Preschool yearbook.
  10. Your parents no longer question your life choices.
  11. Your parents ask to borrow $10 from you and not your sibling.
  12. Instead of reprimanding you for making fun of your sibling, your parents now laugh.
  13. Your parents did not force you to have bangs for 13 years.
  14. Your parents would rather hang out with you than your sibling.
  15. You are prettier, smarter, and more caring than your sibling.